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loai cover

The World Still Likes Loai But His Songs Suck Lately!

There was once a popular singer who used to sing a lot ...

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karim mohsen

@karimmohsen Sounds So GOOD! @HossamLHossainy Delivered!

One of my favorite pop stars is trying to redeemed himself. Karim ...

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Mostafa Haggag

Listen: Mostafa Haggag Is The Hottest Artist In 2015

Mostafa Haggag had the best year in his career in 2015. Why? ...

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Meet @sheyaab The Oldest Young Guys Who Rock Hard!

Folks in the Khaleej have a perfect life, they like vacations often, ...

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min daher ragil

Egypt’s Latest Boxing Movie Might Be Actually Good!

As times passes Egyptian filmmakers get more sophisticated as more funds becomes ...

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Mohammad Chahine

New Song By Pop Star Mohammad Chahine Breaks The Internet Again! @Mohammad_Cha

Mohammad Chahine just made a lot of people happy and fired up ...

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esaf club

Pop Star #Esaf Marks His Egyptian Comeback Via Brooklyn, NY

Esaf did have a good run in the mid 00’s. The flavor ...

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ahmed ezz and zeina

It’s Official Ahmed Ezz Is The Father of Zeina’s Twins

Ahmed Ezz just lost his latest appeal to overturn the Family Court ...

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American Stuff

Nader Hamdy

Nadina Joined By @NaderHamdy In Search For A “Place Of Mystery”

WAMA’s very own Nader Hamdy is entering a new phase of his ...

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Soulful And Fun @NasriWorld Is The World’s Coolest Palestinian

I just met one hell of a cool musicians. Then my day ...

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Kareem Salama traveling light

The Splendid Muslim Christian Jewish Song Arrives @Kareemsalama

Kareem Salama is an American country singer who happens to be of ...

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Raef home

Raef Tells The Haters “We Are Home” @RaefMusic

American born singer Raef got sick and tired of hearing the anti ...

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Arab Ladies


Why Do Many Khaleeji Songs Sound Like 80’s Video Games?

I do not have exact works for the kind of music they ...

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The Syrian @Raldaoffical Sings For Bad Choices

Ralda is a young Syrian pop star whose eyes are set on ...

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sofia marikh chrome

Watch: Sentimental Sofia Marikh Makes Arabic Music Like The French Do

Sofia has never wanted to be a commercial artist. She doe snot ...

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Listen: The Pop Star And Cat Lady سهام عمر / Seham Omar

Teen crush songs meets chick pop and this is what one gets ...

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The One And Only Rajae Belmlih

Morocco gave birth to so many Arabic divas, they Arab world has imported them ...

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angham cover 2

Angham Sings Lebanese Very Well!

Angham is a special kind of star in the sense that she ...

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The Trash Of Beirut vs. Its Sky By Nourhanne

Nourhanne wanted to do a song about her version of the city ...

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New Moroccan Song Goes Viral! #Jamila Blach Blach

Moroccan hit-maker Jamila is now officially the most popular lady in Moroccan pop. ...

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4th Pyrmid2

New Film, With #الهرم_الرابع Good Egyptian Cinema is Back!

Ahmed Saad knows sadness and has a mighty voice to deliver powerful ...

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#3isha (Live it) Brings Together Wael Jassar And Amal Maher

The world wanted thees two pop stars to release a duet. Amal ...

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dounia batma 2

Chinese Love “As In Disposal” By Moroccan Dounia Batma @DouniaBatmaA

Dounia Batma is a family woman who ruined a loving family because ...

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Michalis Magkas

No Clue What He Is Singing About But I Love This Hit by @MMagkas1981

Michalis Magkas At least I know this is a Greek Song and ...

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