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Cheb Khaled Makes Khleeji Traditional Garb Cool Again (Video)

The world’s hit-maker Cheb Khaled was in Bahrain for a big concert ...

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A Brilliant New Song By @AdhamNabulsi Will Rock You To The Core #نسخة_منك

They do not make them like Adham Nabulsi anymore. The young and ...

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ragheb alama old

These Pop Singers Used To Have Mustaches

Hesham Abbas made his first music video and he sported a cool ...

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Amr Tantawy, Amr Diab’s Go To Magic Man

If the new Amr Diab album gets released in few months, this ...

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amr diab green scrubs

This Old Amr Diab Song For The Little Ones!

Amr Diab has done many things throughout his career. He starred in ...

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Vintage! When Ahmed Mounib Met Mounir And Dalida

There are many authentic voices in Egyptian traditional music, bu there are ...

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Hany Shaker 2016

Vintage: When Hany Shaker Was A Young Boy In The 70s!

Hany Shaker was a hot young man back in the early 70s. ...

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Sherine Abdel-Wahab

Sherine Abdel-Wahab Welcomed 2016 With A New Song!

Sherine Abdel-Wahab is a lady who can sing and be hit at ...

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WATCH: Myriam Fares and Flo Rida Duet

Myriam Fares likes parties, she is the serious star you bring to ...

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Kareem Salama To The Rescue! “Broken Heart”

A broken heart sucks, and to think of it, not much helps ...

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US Concert By Sherine and Ahamd Saad Brought To You By Egypt Conference

If you are an expat living abroad, you worry about politics at ...

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Ahmad El Haggar

Musician @ahmadelhaggar Is A Breath of Egyptian Fresh Air In The US of A

Ahmad El Haggar came to America to make music and he did ...

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@elissakh Falls For A Good-Looking Criminal #saharnayaleil @angyjammal

I do not think many people will consider Elissa as someone who ...

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Child Prodigy Yasmeen Alelwaney Releases Her Supplication Track

On Arabs Got Talent, she freaked out so many viewers because her ...

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Jannat Joins A Biker’s Gang! @Jannat_Mahid #عايزة_اقرب

Moroccan hit-maker Jannat just released a rather interesting music video for one ...

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Lebanon’s Balsmat Charity Gala Takes on Breast Cancer

Women struggle with breast cancer all over the world. I read once ...

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Mikayella Stephan Releases Two Music Videos At Once! @mikayellaleb

Mikayella sounds like your average cookie-cutter Lebanese pop star. Which means for ...

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The World of Nelly Makdessy Runs Out Of Men @nellymakdessy

The world has finally ran out of men and Lebanese pop candy ...

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Kuwaiti Nawal @NAWALalq8iya Reminded Us Why She Is The Greatest!

Nawal remains the most respected female voice in the Khaleej region. She ...

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The Charsimatic @BalqeesFathi Takes A Funky Tour of Arabia #وياك_خذني

Yemeni native pop star takes one thing seriously–her music. But in her ...

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The Elegant Angham Retruns To Her Romantic Shade For #Hata_Naasa

Angham just released her second music video for the Fall, both are ...

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Lebanese Hit-maker @ziadbourjiii Excites His Fans #Habibi_Wayno

Ziad Bourji is a rock star among pop star. This charming and ...

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Jana 2016

Jana Hates The Distance But Travels It Anyway @JanaOnlineWorld

Jana the Lebanese pop star who is very hot right now is ...

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Tum Hi Ho

Bollywood Hit Tum Hi Ho Gets Its Palestinian Cover By @lina_sleibi

One young and rising Palestinian vocalist is paying attention to what is ...

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