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Haitham Nabil album cover

Haitham Nabil @haithamnabil01 Releases His Best Song Yet!

I like Haitham Nabil, I have been a fan since 2010 of ...

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Assi el Hallani 2016

Assi Hallani Finds Another Way To Be Boring!

Assi Hallani is back with another music video where he is the ...

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Assaf Ramadan

When Idols Pray: Mohamed Assaf In Ya Sayyedan

Assaf did not want to be too far from his fans during ...

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Majid Almohandis nue

Majid AlMohandis Just Delivered A Romantic Hit #Wahashtini @majidalmohandis

Majid remains the number one Iraqi singer in the Khaleej region. This ...

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Hamda Helal

Grateful! Hamda Helal Ft Loay Abedoon Celebrates Mothers On Their Day

Mothers’ day is a big deal in the world. Arabia observes it ...

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min daher ragil

Egypt’s Latest Boxing Movie Might Be Actually Good!

As times passes Egyptian filmmakers get more sophisticated as more funds becomes ...

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Mohammad Chahine

New Song By Pop Star Mohammad Chahine Breaks The Internet Again! @Mohammad_Cha

Mohammad Chahine just made a lot of people happy and fired up ...

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esaf club

Pop Star #Esaf Marks His Egyptian Comeback Via Brooklyn, NY

Esaf did have a good run in the mid 00’s. The flavor ...

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American Stuff


Kareem Salama To The Rescue! “Broken Heart”

A broken heart sucks, and to think of it, not much helps ...

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US Concert By Sherine and Ahamd Saad Brought To You By Egypt Conference

If you are an expat living abroad, you worry about politics at ...

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Ahmad El Haggar

Musician @ahmadelhaggar Is A Breath of Egyptian Fresh Air In The US of A

Ahmad El Haggar came to America to make music and he did ...

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How a Pakistani Pop Star and Brooklyn Clarinet Whiz Did Fusion #Sandaraa

A Hybrid in Common: How a Pakistani Pop Star and Brooklyn Clarinet ...

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Arab Ladies

Hiba Tawaji 2016

The Amazing @hibatawaji Travles Back In Time! @OussamaRahbani

Blessed those musicians who work hard to out do themselves, enrich our ...

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Amal Maher new look

Happy Eid: Amal Maher Has A New Song For You!

Amal Maher could not stay far from the top for too long. ...

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Wow The Stunning @IbtissamTiskat Delivers!

I like this song, the voices and the style. The lead vocalist ...

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Watch This Real Khaleeji Wedding With Balqees

The people in the Khaleej still think that they have to observe ...

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Hoda Soltan: When Actresses Rock Out

I grew up thinking that Egyptian talent Hoda Soltan is an actress. ...

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angham 2016

The Last Egyptian Diva Angham Ain’t Done yet!

Diva Angham is keeping a busy pop music calendar it seems she ...

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Myriam Fares baby

Here Comes The Baby! @myriamfares Introduces Son To The World

Myriam Fares got married last year and now she is mommy. She ...

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Arab woman

Listen To All The “Love Me I Am Arab” Songs Playlist

Here’s the latest pop song singing Arab lovers praises. I like the ...

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The Saudi Green Soccer Blues By @Mohd_Raf3h

He writes, he composes music, and he is a stand up comedian ...

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Ireksousi Nour

@IreksousiNour Teases Our Senses With An Iraqi Love Song

Ireksousi, Nour stood tall on that MBC stage for the Voice and ...

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Mohamed Mohy

“Mazika Hazainy” Shares Happiness With Mohamed Mohy’s Fans

When it came to Mohamed Mohy, most people think he is meant ...

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Fayez Al Saeed

The Busiest Musician In Dubai @FayezOfficial Drops A New Hit #Ketha

When you are the hardest-working man in the show business, it’s hard ...

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