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Amr Tantawy, Amr Diab’s Go To Magic Man

If the new Amr Diab album gets released in few months, this ...

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Houssam Jneed

The Damascus King of Pop, Houssam Jneed

Houssam Jneed is a god among his fans. The Syrian pop star ...

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Hit-Maker @KhaledSelim_ii Introduces Virtual Reality #ostaz_el_hawa

Khaled Selim looks like an athletic and a top-notch action movie star–he ...

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Ahmed Sheiba and Hassan El Shafei

The Mesmerizing @Hassanelshafei Pulls A Pop Hit Out Of His Hat

Ahmed Sheiba and Hassan El Shafei might not be pop to your ...

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Egyptian Film #Saber_Google And This Cheesy Love Song

Khaled Selim did this song for an Egyptian film starring the one ...

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Sandy love album

I Like The New Song By @sandyofficial But Unsure If It’s Sexist @levantina_

Egyptian girl pop heroin has made a very nice career out of ...

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hossam & Sherine

The Love Duet By The Versatile @hossamhabib And The Wonderful @sherine

Sherine and Hossam Habib just got together and released a duet and ...

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Hamda Helal

Grateful! Hamda Helal Ft Loay Abedoon Celebrates Mothers On Their Day

Mothers’ day is a big deal in the world. Arabia observes it ...

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American Stuff


Kareem Salama To The Rescue! “Broken Heart”

A broken heart sucks, and to think of it, not much helps ...

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US Concert By Sherine and Ahamd Saad Brought To You By Egypt Conference

If you are an expat living abroad, you worry about politics at ...

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Ahmad El Haggar

Musician @ahmadelhaggar Is A Breath of Egyptian Fresh Air In The US of A

Ahmad El Haggar came to America to make music and he did ...

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How a Pakistani Pop Star and Brooklyn Clarinet Whiz Did Fusion #Sandaraa

A Hybrid in Common: How a Pakistani Pop Star and Brooklyn Clarinet ...

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Arab Ladies


The Amazing Yet Little-Known Romantic Viviane Mrad

Viviane Mrad is not type A person, she is a type A ...

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This Lovely Angham Song Is Worth Waiting For!

When Mohamed Hamaki composed the music for this song for Angham, I ...

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The Time Souad Hosny Sang For India

Here’s an old song from a TV show starring Souad Hosny that ...

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Syrian Vocalist (From The Voice) @ReemMehrat On Cheating Men (Video)

Reem Mehrat is a serious vocalist from the Syrian land. Reem competed ...

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Shaimaa Saeed

Shaimaa Saeed Returns With Revenge!

Shaimaa Saeed is back with a song about the emotions of women ...

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The Evolution of Reham Abdel Hakim

The year was  1999 and Arabia was ready to watch a TV ...

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Elissa leg

Sex Appeal And Elissa’s 2016 Music Appeal

    I noticed since the release of her last album two ...

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Amar posing

What is She Doing Now? Making Waves @SingerAmar

Amar is a cool cat of Lebanese pop and Egyptian filmmakers like ...

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Jana 2016

Jana Hates The Distance But Travels It Anyway @JanaOnlineWorld

Jana the Lebanese pop star who is very hot right now is ...

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Tum Hi Ho

Bollywood Hit Tum Hi Ho Gets Its Palestinian Cover By @lina_sleibi

One young and rising Palestinian vocalist is paying attention to what is ...

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Ramy Gamal Album cover 2016

No One Makes Better Egyptian Pop Albums Than @RamyGamal Period

Ramy Gamal is now a pop force to be reckon with. The ...

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The Saudi Green Soccer Blues By @Mohd_Raf3h

He writes, he composes music, and he is a stand up comedian ...

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