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Published on May 25th, 2010 | by hotarabic


An Arab Star Made for the CIA

An Arab Star Made for the CIA

Dina Hayek, an Arab beauty and superstar, put out a music clip that could be a promotional or even instructional video, for the Central Intelligence Agency. Hayek may get the Company’s attention after starring in the provocative music video Tybit Albi (“kindness of my heart”). In the video, Hayek tortures a man-like-creature, possibly an Arab of some sort. Hayek seems to enjoy it while looking as cute as a button. Among the Israeli and American-inspired techniques she uses, food and sleep deprivation and water boarding gave her the most pleasure.
[youtube=] Man, she makes torture sexy. Her videos show how torture ought to be — hot ladies wearing shorts, shades, and work boots, eating grapes, all accompanied by a monkey. And thanks to Hayek, torture can be entertaining again. If Hayek’s not available, the CIA could have a back-up in Yuri Merkadi. Merkadi had his own torture video. However, in the tradition of the likes of Yanni , most of the torture comes from watching the video.

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