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Published on May 25th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Arabic Music Videos: the Must See List

Arabic Music Videos: the Must See List

Here are four spanking new Arabic music videos that are blazing the Middle East. Enjoy! 1. The first music videos is for Lebanese Beauty, the female with stellar voice Carole Samaha featuring Mario Reyes from the Gypsy Kings. Filmed in some of Morocco’s old neighborhoods, the video has warm vintage feel. The guitar with Samaha’s voice is not to be missed. However, I wish I could say the same thing for her Spanish. The song is pretty simple, couple of Habibis thrown in with sweet melody and awesome cinematography.

2. Second music video is for Myriam Fares titled Betrouh, the Lebanese singer, entertainer, and recently actress releases yet another video in which she busts her dazzling dance moves combined with wonderful lyrics. The story of the music video is about a women who is asking her lover to leave (the title of the song) but not just that. In the video Myriam packs her lovers luggage; actually gets him in the car; drives him to his destination; drops off his luggage and leave without ever looking back. While the guy looks confused and miserable! Which what you would expect from a German Model in an Arabic Music Video. Joking aside the video has colorful cinematography and some compelling dance moves courtesy of Myriam.
3. The third music video is for Saber Rebai “Ya Aghla”. Saber the Tunisian super star comes back with a respectable album that will surely renew interest in his work. Ya Aghla is the music video we have here, and it starts with him telling his dance crew that the song has a new feel and he want them to come up with new dances for the music video. The entire music video is about Saber reviewing different dance moves in different sitting performed by the dance crew lead by a hottie–who Saber has a crush on. The song is in the Gulf dialect but before you dismiss it, listen to it. I really like the music when indeed it offers a new feel–a feel that only Saber can create with his natural good looks and charming talent. Off course Saber ends the music video taking the hottie with him on a boat ride–creepy I say.
4. The last music video we have is for Bushra, the Egyptian singer and actress. Titled Aman Aman, Bushra’s new album has yet to be released, but if this song is any indicator, I must say odds are good, but the goods are not odd. The music video has a Las Vegas style to it without being cheap. Bushra carries out the song with her sweet voice, pleasant energy, and her grace. Yes the red hair makes her look like a cross between Julian Moore and Lindsey Lohan. The dance moves are OK, but the colors, the lyrics, and the outfits do it for me. Her makeover–as obvious from the music video I say was money well spent and hope to see her perform in a concert live.

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