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Published on May 25th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Boland Blows (Her Own Horn)

Finally, the world of Arab celebrities has given birth to a celebrity that not only has beaten Kanye West’s record of self-promotion, but also beat his soaring ego into shame. Given Kanye’s legendary egotism, this was a tough job, but the search is now officially over. Halima Boland, a Kuwaiti TV persona with a talk show that’s a smashing hit all across the Middle East, has made an appearance at a function in the UAE wearing jeans and some sort of shirt. The catch is that both her shirt and jeans either have a picture of her or her name written in bold all over the denim. To further insult our intelligence, her earrings have pictures of herself. Aside from the botched attempt to look cool, she’s also a blond, and a blondie in the Arab world sticks out just like a brownie would in Provo, Utah. I am not sure if this is her way of dealing with laundry services that keep losing her clothes, but I’m not buying it. Unless they celebrate Halloween in Kuwait and do so in November, this stunt is lame…yes, even lamer than another Indiana Jones movie.

Her close-up leaves me with one thought: where does the work of the good Lord ends, the work of a lousy plastic surgeon begins. P.S. for any offended Kanye West’s fans, not to worry, he still holds the record in number of Paparazzi assaulted, as far as we can tell.

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