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Published on May 26th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Ms. Johanson Step Aside Meet a New Starlet

Ms. Johanson Step Aside Meet a New Starlet

Last week, American actress turned singer Scarlet Johanson released a new album titled “Anywhere I Lay My Head”. On the other side of the world, Somaia El Khashab Egyptian actress turned singer Somaia El Khashab just released a new hit song “3ayzak Keda” عايزاك كدة, just in time for the summer and its crazy parties. The new song is actually pure fun with a twisty and a compelling story. The song’s strength shows in the fresh and authentic lyrics, the music does the job, although later in the song you get to hear a traditional musical instrument. Somaia who in the past made headlines since the early days of her career where she shared the screen with Adel Imam, the Egyptian Funny man. Somaia actually had couple of racy scenes that got mid aged Arab men with nothing to do a cause to be angry about. Here are few of her provocative scenes (Scene 1, Scene 2, Scene 3) She has also been known as the go to starlet if you want nudity in your film and Somaia has been more than generous in showing some skin. Well, I think this song will put her past behind her and I believe with this music video the starlet has a new promising career. But the moment I watched the video and listened to the song, I was pleased with her performance, her voice and her grace. We just never know, her song might be the best Arabic summer song, a hit song coming from an actress is almost unheard of. As far as the video clip goes, it was filmed in Lebanon, the go to place for talents, and dazzling looks. The music video shatters two myths about the Middle East. The first is that the Middle East does not have good looking people who happen to be fit. The second there is a water shortage in the area, as clear from the video, there is plenty of water to splash your buddies with. I like the editing and the director’s vision in keeping viewers wanting to see a little bit more without cheapening the video. And of course being an actress, you can see Somaia happy and enjoying life without trying too hard to act. Finally, the great thing about the song is its fast pace that gets you fired up and yet lyrics that speak to you and to your senses. In other word, you could both jog listening to it while others can get their emotional dose chasing butterflies. I might end up being in the minority, but I now I want to hear more of Somaia El Khashab.

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