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Published on May 25th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Not Just Another Nancy Music Video

Not Just Another Nancy Music Video

“Lamsit Eid” translates to the touch of hand, is the title of yet another Nancy Ajram video (her third from her latest album) Nancy Ajram, the Arab world’s hottest pop icon, for the first time collaborated with Laila Kan’an, a rising music video director (can I get a shout out for female directors). Nancy’s last two videos were shot with Said AlMarouk. The music video will be about Nancy’s love interest, who is part of the resistance movement against the Israeli occupation. Although, her love’s nationality is not explicitly given, it is hard to not get Gaza in mind. After all, she dedicated this song to the people of Gaza. Sadly, that’s as good as it gets. The video gets plain silly when Nancy turns herself into a dressing room spy to go undercover for the benefit of the unnamed people she supports. She schmoozes with the occupiers for intelligence — something those behind the video lack. Other than Nancy’s creepy makeup, there is another major annoyance. The guy who is part of the resistance movement to liberate Palestine is a German Model named Dennis Lewis. It is not like the Arab world is short of resistance fighters, so why pick an Aryan? Since when do the Germans know anything about winning? They could not even win the World Cup back in 2006 in their own country. Who knows. If this silly exploitation of politics in Arabic pop music continues, I may have to start a movement to resist Nancy Ajram music videos. [Tarboush Tip: Will] I insist

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