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Published on May 29th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Sketchy Arabic Music Videos, Oh Boy!

Like billions of people I enjoy a good song and love a good beat. A music video for a song that I happen to like is always a treat. In the past week, a number of new Arabic music videos have been released to be seen by all either on the small screen in an Arabic home or a computer monitor somewhere on Youtube. I give you a the latest troublesome music videos coming to us from Arabia, feel free to disagree with me, but for a reason or two I feel compelled to share those music videos with you.

Jad Choueiri – Ghaly / جاد شويري – غالي

The Lebanese music producer, singer, weirdo takes a page of Perez Hilton and drives in the back of a truck in the streets of Lebanon attempting to make wiping imaginary air windows cool again. I thought they guy will disappear after his most famous flop of a song Funky Arab went nowhere. To his credit Jad makes very cool logos, I doubt however that those shades will be popular anywhere anytime soon.

Khaled Selim – Ad’y Aleik / خالد سليم – أدعي عليك

Khaled Selim, the hard working and hard partying Arab singer made a great comeback album that was a hit with his fans and even his loudest critics. Singing a number of awesome Arabic song, a pleasant song in Spanish another hit song in English “Desert Queen”. When it came to making a music video, Khaled did well by not hiring a number of naked ladies to make him look like a turd. He wanted to make a song where he is in the center. When I first reviewed the music video, I was not sure what o make of it, but then I saw it again and seeing Khaled touching himself and acting like he is about to enter the ring to punch Mr. T in the face confused me. I really like the song, it is one of my favorite summer songs so far, I and a number of female bloggers for Kabobfest feel uneasy about it.

Sandy – Ebn Garetna / ساندي – إبن جارتنا

So you know those dirty old men who have something for little girls? Here is a song that was made to make them feel better. The dazzling Egyptians beauty Sandy is not stranger to making music videos with skimpy outfits. What is sup with that Three scope Ice cream skewers Sandy? The director seems to have Sandy’s permission to flaunt her body to the horny Middle Eastern man with an internet connection. Maybe Sandy is trying to get people to get a faster internet speed so that can have a better viewing experience. Also if you have a minute read the viewers comments. Sandy’s look and colors reminds me of those crazy Japaneses cartoons, I hope she makes it big there.

MoHammED IsKanDaR – JeMhourYet AlbY محمد اسكندر جمهورية قلبي

Lebanon has seen relatively four peaceful years now, but this singer wanted to change that.A song that many Lebanese feminists felt was degrading to women. The song is really cool and it seems to be on its way to be this Summer’s hottest song. The singer’s son Faris, a popular lyricist wrote this song in which his dad sings to his wife urging her to quit her job and allow him to pamper her at home. He also says your job is my heart, my feelings and my love…it’s enough you are the President of the Republic of My Heart. I can see some women getting worked up about this song, because talk is cheap. To his credit the singer states his respect for women rights and he acknowledges their college degrees. Below is a video of the rallies in Lebanon asking to ban this song. Here is a protest in Lebanon by feminists and dudes enraged by this song…not all women hate the song…some say it’s catchy and they have enjoyed it.

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