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Published on May 25th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Step Aside Britney, Meet the Melody Girl

Step Aside Britney, Meet the Melody Girl

The Arab world never disappoints when it comes to juicy celebrity stories. And now, we can add bizarre dresses. Julia Booby – say her last name ten times — a Lebanese model turned celebrity by starring in Melody TV, (the Egyptian “all music all the time” channel). Julia appeared in their TaHada El Malal (challenge boredom) ads blitz. I actually think some of those videos are funny and worth checking out — but none of them feature Booby. Booby made her mark with the celebrity status event, a birthday bash. Julia took the occasion to take it back to nature with some birthday suitesque looks. As you can see from the pictures, she flaunted what her plastic surgeon and Mom gave her. Needless to say there has been outrage in the Middle East. And they think unchallenged boredom is the cause. The story does not end there, Booby and her milky midgets starred in what could only be called a “makeout tape.” It is the Middle East, after all. She’s tongue wrestling some scuzzy-looking fella armed with a potty mouth, a Heinekin, bad haircut and a toothy grin. [youtube=] But before you dismiss me as a typical Y picking on an X, I have Booby’s best interests (and assets) in mind. Seriously though, she has a demographic and insulting the demographic by showing too much cleave and online makeout sessions is not a smart business practice. This also highlights the transformation that is sweeping the Middle East in terms of objectifying women and over-sexualizing entertainment. But some might see this as an overdue change based on the hope that Booby and her her boobies might actually help pacify the Middle East. The more succulent version of the Bush agenda. Booby’s are, after all, the kinds of sand bags we’d rather see in the Middle East (for you ‘40 Year Old Virgin’ fans). Her ad videos ad # 1 ad# 2

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