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Published on June 16th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Arabic Music Videos Early Summer Roundup

Mostafa Ammar, the Egyptian pop singer is back with a new album titled “Hya” translated to “She is”, or “it’s her” I reviewed the album of 14 songs, I found two I really like, and the rest if largely forgettable. “Hya” and “Ya Nihar Abyad” are those songs I like. In “Hya“, Mostafa flirts with an Arab girl where he counts her attributes, the eyes, the skin color, the smile and then he is trying to figure from which Arabic country she hails….she ends up telling him I am an Arab girl. I think it is catch song and has the potential to be a hit as similar songs that count individuals Arab countries have had a lot of success. Glad to see Mostafa who is dubbing himself as the King of Arab Pop is taking a break from making movies and soap operas to come back to his first craft.
Nawal Zogbi, the Lebanese singer is gearing up for what promises to be a good summer for her and her brand. Releasing a number of singles that were all well-received, she is about to release her new album. This album comes to be Nawal’s first post divorce album where she has parted from her long time husband and music producer. Here is a clip from her song “Fouq JrouHy”, a sad song that she head to defend when journalists painted it as a cry of helpless woman. I am more excited about her other new song “Amana” or as it was also called “Salhouny Aleeh
Rola Saad is one heck of an entertainer. Rola does not really have that much of a distinct voice or talent, other than sharing the stage with legendary Lebanese diva she has not been able to add anything to her career. I think Rola was going for sexy in her song “Shyfak Odamy“, in away venturing into is an Elissa and Carol Smaha territory. Not sure if people will embrace this song, and I am not in high school anymore. Rola did performed in some World Cup concert in South Africa, but it seems that Nancy Ajram is the official Arab singer in the World Cup as Nancy released a world cup song few days ago.
Speaking of Nancy Ajram, you know she is not going down without a fight, early January she released a single song with her new production company “Salimoly Aleeh“, it was a good song and a safe choice for Nancy who is recording a new album to be released soon. She has been busy with many concerts across the Arab world, Cairo and Lebanon to name few. In the meantime, Nancy and her brilliant manager still doing a heck of a job marketing herself and endorsing various products. But somehow I feel that the Arab world is no longer obsessed with her and her stardom, it might be because ADD is on the rise or it could be that her marriage and baby took away from her fan base.
Kathim Alsahir, the Iraqi musician has been a big name for decades now, while not making brilliant music, he is too busy fending off attacks from other Arab stars who love to hate in him–especially the ones from the Gulf. But to his credit, he never get in pissing matches with them, he just outsmart them and make a better album and sell a gazillion record leaving those hating stars to pick their noses. Here is a song for newspapers where love is the news. Aljareedah is a new subject that Kathim treats in such a fascinating way. Yes, some of the graphics are out of place, but the music video and the model are pleasant experience.
Fady Andraws, the Lebanese singer that makes the Arabic news once in a blue moon has released a new music video that seems to be made for Western (European) audience. “Itla’ey Miny” translating closer to the exorcist where he i=s asking his lover to leave his body and mind. Cool music video with awesome footage, I am sure sport fans would enjoy this treat.
Walid Tawfic, his name reminds me of everything old, but that’s not a bad thing. For more than five years Walid has been trying to make a comeback under which he can be cool again. His fans including myself were discreetly asking him to call it a quit and stop re-packaging his old songs. Walid released a really amazing music video with lyrics that make resonate with many Arab generations about life, friendship, politics, change and cynicism. I am glad to say that Walid proves he is only Alpha male that has finally found his groove.
Lian, a young Palestinians singer answers a question I have heard for years, can Palestinians rock? Lian said “YES”. Watch this video from a concert in Ramallah last month, Lian sings for the Kaffyah and struggle in nice doses of historical soundbites. Just like the tales of your grandparents, people in Ramallah enjoyed her gig.
Wael Jassar, one of the few Arab singers who avoid giving interviews, Wael also avoids making the news by spreading rumors and fights with other singers, all around he is just a nice guy who makes worthy music. While most of his songs are about love and romance, he did well as his fan base is rather large for a Lebanese singer who is not too big name when it comes to concerts. Wael Jassar wanted to sing about something else other than love and romance, so what do you sing about in Arabic? He made an entire album with religious themes about the profit and the history of Islam and its early days. Guess what? He sold more albums in Egypt and Lebanon than anyone else. He admitted his reluctance to make such an album but he said the words he sang were not insulting to anyone. For me the best success of the album is how Weal combined Shiite figures with Sunni ones in such a beautiful manner. You can bet that this upcoming month of Ramdan you will be hearing more of this album.

Summer is also the season for Big budget Arabic movies, there are few big movies that will be released in days, luckily, the movie trailer is not a mainstream practice in the Arab world. instead they release a new song with shots from the upcoming movie. Ahmad Al Saqqa, the Egyptian actor who might as well be the Arab World’s biggest and most popular male star who does awesome action movies, solid drama movies and yes he also made romantic movies will be staring in “The dealer” here is the song from this movie that I will be watching. Yes he is a bankable star, think Will Smith.
Tamer Hosny the hairiest and best selling Egyptian singer and actor. What do you get every summer in Arabia? A romantic comedy stared by Tamer where he plays the cool, jealous dude who beat up ten guys using his left hand while giving you a back message with his right. Not a single movie made by this guy can be made without having scene where he assaults or harasses a woman. To his credit, he is a huge star that writes his own stuff (music, lyrics, scripts) For that he will be receiving a big award in New York in the middle of this month.

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