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Published on June 14th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Joe Joe, What Do We Know?

If the father of loved one refuses to approve your marriage, here is what you do: Kidnap him, tie him to a chair and have people dance around him, and then dress in a suit kiss forehead and then he will come around. You un-tie him now!

That’s what Joe Ashkar, the Lebanese handsome singer (he also owns a lash Lebanon casino) is telling us in his جو أشقر حبيب قلبي. The love of my heart (some cheese please!)

OK Joe, had a number of good songs with mass appeal, I think this one is not his best, but I am sure many dreamy women will give it a listen. I do not think Joe needs the money like many Arab stars do, so you know he is not making his music for solely for money…I know I admire this much

Joe Ashkar 7abeb 2lbe 2010

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