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Published on June 16th, 2010 | by hotarabic


The Latest in Arabic Music, Spring Update

Many Arabic songs have been released the past few months, it is not the summer yet, as most Arab stars are holding out on releasing their albums and much anticipated songs. Here is an update on the latest hits and misses. A number of Arab singers make a song for Palestine, اوبريت في طريقك يافلسطين – ملايين translated on the way to Palestine, I like a number of the singers in this large production, but to me it seems that the song tells the Palestinians to go get themselves killed while the stars of this song party it up safely in their home countries. Thank you guys for this song, but it takes more than a song.
Popular Arabic show “Star Academy” season 7 is out and there are a number of promising stars from different Arabic countries, when the star are not making the news in manufactured scandals, some make good songs. Many contestants now do songs in English, like Arabis is not good enough anymore. Here is one contetant that has what it takes voice wise.
Want to know why Egypt is awesome? Here is a powerful song by Loai, Egyptian star, the song played in a popular movie about an Egyptian soccer star who makes it big and helps bring cheers to the common man and woman in Egypt. I really like this song, it makes me think of home.
Ever wondered if there is an Arabic Lady Gaga, the search is over we found her. Carol Saqer, Lebanese singer that makes serious songs with mature music themes and she has all the stage enrgey that can rival Lady Gaga–no she won’t show you as much skin. But here is Carol, the Arabian Lady Gaga.

Who did what? Not sure what to make of this guy, but he seems like he is from LA, but I think he is from Morocco, there are lot of babes in his music video, I have no idea what he is singing about.
Meet Abu Leef, Egypt’s newest sensation singing about King Kong, Facebook, breakups, kids, passports, and other obscure subjects. He is the number 1 selling singer in Egypt now. I am not sure but I like his King Kong song where he is telling his girl he is not a metro man as he thinks he is King Kong and he can play Ping Pon with his hands tied to his back.
Rajaa sings about mothers and she managed to make an awesome comeback as she has been getting less songs and less publicity, it’s a actually a good songs that came to celebrate motherhood. March 21, is the day most Arab countries celebrate mother’s day.
Remember the 90s? then you would know Pascal Mashalani, the Lebanese beauty and former Miss Lebanon is trying to organize a come back, she has failed to resurrect her appeal for a decade now, she is still popular in North Africa, maybe her new song will succeed in giving her some air time?
A Tunisian star that does an Album in the Gulf accent and pull it of? Here is Latifa’s latest song Kol Wahed in the Khaliji accent. Look I like Latifa and I like how outspoken she is about her support for Palestine and Iraq, but not sure if I am ready to see her doing Khaliji yet. The saddest Arabic song by the happiest guy Joseph Attieh, the young Lebanses singer releases an album in that album he has Mahmoum (Preoccupied) among other songs. People celebrate his song and the music video serves the song.
I like Carol Samaha and no surprise that I also enjoy her latest music video, Carols and her team knows to create an experience for each and every song she makes. It’s good to know that she is the busiest Arabic singer at this moment as her concerts are on demand in the Gulf, Morocco, Egypt, and her home country Lebanon. Carol also is doing a lot of charity work

OK, a new Egyptian singer that has some fans, I am not too sure if he can stand out in the crowd, but for now he seems to be doing fine. Here is Haitham Nabil
Rashid Al Faris gives us the most romantic Arab song in a long time, maybe it’s the always energized and Hijab wraing UAE born female director that stood behind the scenes and made sure to capture the spirit of the song instead of making the song a sidekick to a mediocre music video. I showed this clip to an all-American female freind of mine and she said, “Why do they always make the white girl look like a jerk?” I thought that was not the impression I was looking for. I enjoy both the song and mellow music video. Rashid reminds of of Keane
Yara, the Lebanese singer released her much anticipated music video that everybody literary has been waiting for. The music of the 30s have never been hotter, I do not thing any Arab singer has been able to use that sort of music and put out a good show, no not since Fairouz. Yara insists that she is the best female Arabic singer who respects her fans and her profession. She is the ultimate good girl as she has never used her skin to get ahead….she only uses her voice and her natural charisma and beauty.
Sameera Saed, the Moroccan star and hit maker has been making hits since the 80s still got it…she is sort of our Madona, here watch her on stage as she performs her latest hit. I cannot wait to listen to Sameera’s latest album due this summer. I bow in the presence of relentless musicians who give the young stars a good run for their money.

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