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Published on October 24th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Dina Hayek Strikes Again!

Dina Hayek, the Lebanese star has never been a huge commercial success like many of her country leading female singers. Not sure why she has not been able to pull one huge mega sing. At least since 2005 and her Katabtlak song, we have not seen her shine again. I know her past has few botched plastic surgeries and public feuds, but I really dig Dina and her style. She never felt the urge to take off her clothes and reveal much of her body beauty. Instead Dina Hayek opted to let you in for a tour of her inner beauty and her rather cute dance moves. Abu El Zelouf is her latest; it’s an old school song that all Shami (Lebanon, Syria and Palestine) know too well. Her cover of the song, her music video is just fine. I also enjoyed the outfits she appeared in the music video in, she does have a style. The male model was a good choice as he seems to really like the starlet where their chemistry is obvious, making the music video a fun to view. Again with Abou El Zelouf, Dina plays it safe sticking to her strength, the Lebanese style that made her star and introduced her to us the fans. Great job Dina and keep up the good work. I know I am looking forward for an album from you, or at least mini album.

Dina Hayek – Abou El Zelouf / دينا حايك – أبو الزلوف

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