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Published on October 4th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Joseph Attieh: Meet the Lebanese Josh Groban

A Lebanese Josh Groban?

Look no further than Lebanese singer Joseph Attieh to find him. Joseph is an alum of an Arab version of the American idol (Star Academy 2005).

Both stars are young, both stars have a dazzling voice with a dose of sadness in their vocal qualities. Both Joseph and Josh are loved by the ladies. And both know that their strong points are earned with the fans when they cover romance.

Joseph is well received in the Arab world, but he is not a household name. He is huge in Lebanon and his fan base closely resembles that of Mr. Groban’s. Younger people and older women. As you can see in many of Joseph record signing (at virgin stores in Lebanon) you can always spot the older ladies who get excited upon siting Joseph.

Both Mr. Groban, Josephs have worked in acting. Joseph Attieh stared in a sitcom called “Jeeran” (Neighbors), both have a funny side where Mr. Groban sees himself as a comedian (SNL).


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