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Published on November 15th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Karmin Sends You on a Time Machine!

Legendary Egyptian singer was at the Opera House in Egypt to introduce and crown the winner of the best voice contest (Watch short video). The new singer was chosen because of her voice and her grace as not everyone gets to perform at the Opera House. Yes, Operas are for uptight people who take live too seriously, but I have to admit some really fine music comes from those house. The event was called the Arabic Music Festival, an annual event where they celebrate Arabic music. The fact that a new comer with modest upbringing wins this coveted award tells me that this might be the best Arabic election and most fair one indeed.

Karmin Nofal golden voice was made in Egypt and does she take us in a time machine? She has the voice of the likes of Najat Alsageerah, Warda, and Mayada ElHenaway, the divas of Arabic music who were and still the leading voices that made the cultural frame reference to anything good in music.

Looking at this video, you can easily tell Karmin Nofal is very comfortable in her own skin, she is not short on confidence and charm. She was not trying to rock boat, she was trying to channel her inner diva. Egypt is one more time telling us that we are we are still the powerhouse of Arabic music. I hope Karmin gets to enjoy her youth as the music she makes will be most likely most appreciated by the old school folks. By this Karmin will be joining Amal Maher, the best female voice to give attribute to the goldies.

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