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Published on November 5th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Party in Libya W Randa Hafez

There ares singers with good voice who can make a good living, there are singers with good persona who can make it far and there are those who are still trying to figure their strength out….that’s where I see Egyptian performer Randa Hafiz. Randa has a good stage presence, dazzle and a good voice….that’s why she was chosen to perform in the opening night for the Mediterranean soccer championship in Libya.

See Randa perform on stage to a live audience, in a country other than Egypt where Randa has establish her self as a star. She looks good, she is energized and her English is good. what I think could be improved is her fashion and style…I would have not worn a jeans and a t-shirt, I would have chosen something else. I thought the dancers and the lights were OK….I would have liked to seen a better stage set up where Randa can shine and not just roam around the field…..for tips watch Shakira’s performance during the World Cup 2006 and 2010 ceremonies.

Watch the clip for yurself courtesy of Randa’s YouTube channel,

Randa Hafiz راندا حافظ فى حفل افتتاح بطولة البحر المتوسط

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