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Published on November 14th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Ramy Sabry Rocks and Delivers

Ramy Sabry is one of my favorite all around Arab stars. In my book he might be the next Amr Diab. He is a trey star by all definition. Ramy has the voice that gets you in the zone the voice that tells you “I truly believe the words I am sining”, he makes new emotions real as no one else can walk the line as Ramy can. In his voice you will detect sadness and passion, but then he can also give you hop and cure your heart ache. No one really can do what Ramy can, many artists can sing, but Ramy makes his own music…he feels the words through his music and vice versa. He became a star when he felt the moment was right….he has two albums under his belt. He is sought after in concerts and TV appearances as he has yet to disappoint. He does not speak ill of other stars, he just simply talks about his craft.

Any when he takes on the stage and perform you know he will give you 100 percent as he knows both the lyrics and the music in his concerts….he does not guess what to come, he knows what will come. Ramy has a huge fan base, but not the kind of fans who are merely satisfied with “I Love you, You love me” stuff, but the ones seeking to hear more on the complexity of love and relationship. Notice his stage charm and presence as a lot of the likes Amr Diab and that speaks volumes of his confidence.

Here is a video of his recent concert at the Canadian University Egypt on November 11th 2010.

Ramy Sabry Sings At CIC welcome party

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