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Published on December 9th, 2010 | by hotarabic


100 Year of Zamalik Sport Club

Every country has its sport rivalry, Egypt is not different. Zamalik vs. Ahli the two teams that play soccer and tend to be the arch rival of each other as they both enjoy a solid fan base and a large pool of talented soccer players. There are countless fine teams playing soccer in Egypt, El Eskandry is another good one Alshortah is another.

But as of right now, they best looking soccer team in Egypt right now is Al Zamalik and this week they celebrate a 100 year of history making sportsmanship. While El Ahli gets most of the love, right now they seem to be weaker than ever and have no head coach and either losing or getting even any game. Al Zamalik has been under the watchful eye of the mega star retired Egyptian soccer player Hossam Hassan and so far it seems he has taking the team into new territories and have manged to boast their confidence…it doe snot hurt to have a star like Shikabala, the player maker of the the team and the guy who seems to be never out of tricks.

Like many fans of Alzamalik around the globe and mostly in Arab countries, this team deserves to celebrate their 100 year anniversary. And this year they must be proud, they came a long way. This is a song put out by on of the club’s fans to celebrate this occasion. I like the histological images, and special moments you can seen. The lyrics are just fine, the voice of Aziz Al Shafie is good, not the strongest, but he sounds like he means what he sings.

كليب زملكاوى انا – عزيز الشافعى – لنادى الزمالك 2011 Aziz Al Shafie, Zamlkawy Ana

بحبك يا زمالك – اهداء الى جماهير الزمالك

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