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Published on December 9th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Ehab Tawfik of 1991 Didn’t Disappoints

Let’s be honest, in the pre-internet era and pre satellite networks with nothing to cover, but whatever musicians give them. It was harder to become a star, but once you established yourself, you are safe…there was no thousand singers competing against you….there was a bout 20 Arab singers and that was it.
The only was to become a big star is to release a cassette album, have your posters all over the stores and music kiosks in the Middle East and if you were lucky enough you will have footage of a live concert on the state sponsored TV. Video Clips were hard to come by, but I think Ehab was a pioneer, here is his music video for Maraseel…the hit of 1991….I think everyone was singing this song even my grandma.
Ehab Tawfik was the hottest star and man as I was growing up, I remember the girls in high school and my sisters racing to buy his casset, and the cool cab drivers would play his songs…wedding season comes and he is all over that….no DJs nothing, just the old boom box and Ehab Tawfik and his tunes to please you and make you dance.
If what I am talking about makes sense to you then you will enjoy this early song of Ehab’s, and remember the music was put by Mostafa Amar, the one who turned into a singer later that year to become the “King of Arab Pop” as he claims now. Of course Ehab still makes music nowadays, but the music business is just messy and not every good song gets airtime.

ايهاب توفيق 1991 – ألبوم: “مراسيل” –على كيفك ميل

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