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Published on December 7th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Ehab Tawfik Stands For Prophet

No one parties like Ehab Tawfik, the stellar star of the 90s, and 2000s, the hit-maker found time to do this religious themed song the that he released in 2007 during the Prophet Mohammad Cartoon debacle. Ehab’s songs celebrates the Muslim prophet and reminds listeners why he is off limits. While many Arab stars stand for profit, in this song Ehab stands for the prophet. Sure he had more than his fair share of dancing ladies music videos throughout his career. But this song shows more of his voice quality than the last three years of his career.

This clip was taken recently during his appearance on Al-Risallah “the message” a religious channel in the Middle East, I do enjoy the lyrics and the experience Ehab creates for this song. The second clip is for Taha, another name for Prophet, while this sounds like a soufi song, the words are magical. You can spot a number of Arab celebrities attending the concert. I am sure this appearance will make Ehab a bit more popular with those few who still do not indulge in Arabic music for religious reasons.

حصريا إيهاب توفيق 2حصريا إيهاب توفيق 2011 إلى رسول الله على قناة الرسالة 2011 011 إلى رسول الله على قناة الرسالة 2011

إيهاب توفيق 2011 طه حصريا على قناة الرسالة Ehab Tawfik 2011

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