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Published on December 18th, 2010 | by hotarabic


El Moold: The Father and the Son Deliver This One

Legendary singer Muhammad Adawyah had a wonderful comeback last year with his duet with Rami Ayach in El Nas El Rayqa His song left us wanting more and many hoped he will work with his song Ahmad Adaweyah who released his first album in 2008. The father and the son listened to the fans and promised a song and for 2010 we have been waiting for thins song.

Summer 2010 they gave us a 30 second teaser of their upcoming song El Moold, the title song, and we loved what we heard. Last week the entire song started playing in radios and this week we have a music video for El Moold. The song was really good, and it stands alone as it will be a high point in the career of the young Adaweyah.

The music video showed us a rare glimpse of family celebrities, I really enjoyed the chemistry they father and the son had on screen, they showed real love and I got a good vibe from it. I felt the music video dragged a bit, it could have been two minutes shorter. But I am not complaining as we saw endearment of stars who happen to be related.

The song celebrates El Moold, the Egyptian equal of country fair, you do not hear many mainstream songs about it. This is a folksy tale in the land of Egypt its people and their stories. We have to wait for Ahmad Adaweya’s new album to judge it, but if his last album was any sign, we are in for a treat

كليب محمد عدويه واحمد عدويه – المولد Ahmad & Mohammad Adaweya El Moold Moolid

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