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Published on December 25th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Samo Zain Got Some Music 4 U

Syrian pop star Samo Zain had a tough year…his album was a hit, people loved it and he looked good doing his music. Until someone started rumors about Samo Zain’s music video promoting homosexuality. Then Samo Zain lost it and threatened to retire as his dignity and honor are now under assault. He survived that, went back to Syria for a vist and he did well there.

Now is gearing up for his a new album “In Love” which he will released in Valentine day, he also said he will get engaged then too. So in less than 8 months the Arabian star will give us two albums. I loved his album, at least five songs on it are worth the entire album. I name Maliksh Da’awa Beya, Fayek We Rayek, Al Kalam Aliek. Samo Zain never disappoints his fans as his formula is simple. Three really good dance songs, some serious break heart songs. I guess he does those two styles like any other singer….you can party to his songs and you can kick back on your bed crying.

BUT, his music video, the second one from his album that came out in August 2010 does disappoint. The idea of it is very old, we have seen it a million time. A cool guy stalking a gorgeous girl and doing all the fun things while she just plays cute. He still has his charm , sense of humor, and energy. I like his goofy dances, and his style, but I think he should have went with a different director just this time. And maybe, maybe do some cardio or running to drop few pounds.

سامو زين – بتمثل على مين Samo Zain Bitmathil Ala Meen

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