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Published on December 19th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Shatha Hassoun Cares & Rocks You Too

Shatha Hassoun came a long way, she goes to the Gulf, she can say I am home…she heads to Iraq, it’s the land of her father…in Morocco, the land of her mother welcomes her. She is perhaps the one Arab singer that can sing in all “I actually mean all” Arabic dialects and do a heck of a job in it.

While not busy singing Shatha promotes various causes, the one she is fighting now the HIV and subsequently AIDS. It’s nice to see an A list singer give time to this disease that does not get a good rep in the Middle East and many other societies. She was on Moroco TV, second channel and she delivered one wonderful song about the love for one’s country.

The moment she walks into the stage, she captivated the audience, her outfit went with the traditional Moroccan dress. She defines charisma and charm, and she knows how to work the crowd. Ard Alhababib, or in English the land of the loved ones. I am sure the millions of Moroccans living abroad will appreciate it and hit them with nostalgia. The only way Shatha is going is up and she will continue to dazzle with her charm, voice and good looks. If you are a female Arab star in the same age group, I would work hard not to be on her bad side because she will be around for a while.

شذى حسون و اغنيه الارض الحبايب من برنامح ضد مرض السيدا على قناة المغربيه الثانيه

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