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Published on December 10th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Warda Will Win You Over in 2011

Warda came from Algeria to Egypt where she able to take her gift of a sweet voice into new territories. Among her fans are kings, presidents, politicians, army generals ministers and the common man. She is the diva that your dad wished he could meet and greet, and the lady that your mother wanted to be like. I am not pushing it if i said that your grandparents love her too

I grew up to my parents savoring her songs and wonderful music in long concert on grainy images in colored TVs. I had to grow up to really appreciate her style and her music. Even for those into cursory listen, a teaser foray into Warda’s world it’s immediately apparent that each one of her song is a treasure unlike either that came before it. Warda is due in a new album sometimes in 2011, and the fans are being promised the world with this album where Warda collaborates with the best musicians who can best show her talent. Like many fans i hope this album will knock me over at first making me want to play button one more time only to do it ten more times.

Her desolate voice a fascinating counterpart to the down home warmth of Om Kolthoum. This year we had a strong album from Fayroz, Warda will follow that up with her much anticipated album and you and your parents will be happy and have something to talk about as you listen to this music. I only hope that once the new album is out we are able to say this “Warda is still vocally recognized in this album”

Here is segment of one of her better songs

مقطع من اغنية لازم نفترق وردة الجزائرية

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