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Published on December 20th, 2010 | by hotarabic


Who is Hotter? Lebanese vs. Egyptians

Before Anything, Here is what moved me to write this piece?

Watch this segment of the interview with Sandy, dubbed by many as Egypt’s best looking singer

Ask any Arab this question, which Arab country has the hottest women? Chances are they will instantly say Lebanon. Of course many will say their own county does, but most will point fingers to Lebanon as the country with an unlimited supplies of beautiful people. I guess this is true, even the ones deemed average looking in Lebanon are considered good looking wherever they may go.

Egypt the country of 80 million lovely people refuses to take a backseat in the beauty contest and most Egyptians insists their country has a great deal of beauty. But this argument has been harder to make lately, as more Egyptian movies feature Lebanese actresses to appeal to male movie goers in in the Arab world. In other words, an increased number of Egyptian directors use Lebanese beauties as a marketing tool. Of course Egyptian female entertainers hate the comparison and the competition. More of those Egyptian female entertainers denounce those directors. Those directors hit back and claim that Lebanese actresses are bolder than those in Egypt and the Lebanese talents enjoy more confidence as they look very comfortable doing intimate scenes.

Here are few factors I think Lebanon bests Egypt in the beauty game:

1. Lebanese people including the family of the entertainer do not judge the female entertainer for her on screen roles . They are sophisticated enough to know this is just business and their daughter, sister, country girl is still a good person. In Egypt however, the society is harsher on female entertainers as they seem to hold them to a much higher moral standard. As a result of this mindset, Egyptians female talents are not comfortable doing intimate scenes opening a window for Lebanese female talents to enter Egyptian market and from it to the rest of the Arab world.


2. The people of Lebanon are a mixed people; they come from different people and a result of centuries of mixed marriages and inter-racial/cultural marriages. The Lebanese immigrants go all over the world and once there they marry people from all backgrounds allowing for a beautiful mix of human genes. And since Lebanon has a gorgeous coast, great cuisine people from all over the world love to call it a home. The only part in Egypt where you have a similar affect is the great city of Alexandria where Greeks, Italians, German, French genes have entered the DNA of that city giving many of its residence an exotic look.

3. People of Lebanon have a real sense of fashion since many of them love to travel and have families living aboard, they are more connected to what’s trendy and what’s cool than a lot of people living in Egypt. Of course the Lebanese expatriates invest in their country and help bring new cultures home. While in Egypt the red tape and censorship are a bit more difficult to navigate hindering the openness to new cultures.

4. Lebanese people are a bit more progressive than many of their peers in the Arab world, and thus their acceptance of other cultures and ideas enables them to be exposed to a larger pool of schools of thoughts and lifestyles While those lifestyles are available to many in Egypt, the great majority lacks access to such amenities. That means when someone tells you, “I am in the entertainment business,”, they won’t be ridiculed.

5. Lebanese have an incredible obsession with presentation, before any Arab knew a thing about marketing, the Lebanese food, music, and fashion were dominate anywhere you went and that’s because of their perfectionist approach to presentation. This healthy obsession with presentation leads people to take care of themselves and improve their looks as it’s part of the presentation experience. Lebanese do not cut any corners when it comes to presenting a product. While Egypt is late to the presentation game, they are making an effort. If you doubt that, then aside from looks ask yourself why Egyptian food is rarely celebrated while the Lebanese one can be found all over the world? Presentation and perfectionism explain a lot.

6. Access to better dental care, the Nile River does wonders to Egypt, but one thing it’s not doing is helping the people of Egypt get their teeth straight. I know this because there are dozens of absolutely gorgeous female entertainers who have horrible teeth. This is not a problem in Lebanon, it might be the water they are drinking or that it’s easier to have access to a dentist in Lebanon than in Egypt. I know this used to be a problem for Egyptians artists in 80s, 90s and till 2005 more and more of them started getting some dental work done.

Now Egypt has few things that help them in the beauty contest:

1. The Egyptian charm is well known in the Arab world, it’s always a treat to engage an Egyptian in a conversation, to just speak to any Egyptian is like magic. While the Lebanese have what can be dubbed as the sexy dialect, the Egyptians one packs more charm and more life lessons than a Lebanese can muster.

2. Funny, this is the one thing that no Arab can deny about the great country of Egypt; they are funny people and enjoy a sense of humor that exists nowhere else in the world. When it comes to care free and taking it easy no one rivals the Egyptians, and no wonder that most Arab comics come from there.

I look at this as a business deal, the Lebanese beauties can do well in their country, but without establishing themselves in Egypt, the Arab country with the largest media platform and biggest market, their success remains limited. And if Egyptians producers and directors want their work to be successful commercially outside Egypt, they need to hire more Arab talents, which is exactly what’s happening right now. People just love to see their country men and women in Egyptian entertainment.

Syrian actors learned this the hard way, they thought they have bested Egyptians dramas and for a while they did, but that stopped last Ramadan. The Egyptians powerhouses got their act together and gave the Arab world a number of TV dramas that blew people away. The frequency, the volume and the size of talents available in Egypt is unmatched anywhere else. While Syria can produce ten TV dramas and three comedies a year…the Egyptians will produce 50 Dramas and 40 comedies. The same goes for Syrian Drama actors, they can be big stars in Syria and succeed without ever stepping a foot in Cairo, but if they want diversity in roles, and creativity, the Egyptian market cannot be ignored. It can make or break an entertainer’s career.

While Lebanese girls might be more beautiful than the ones in Egypt, Egypt is on the rise of good looking people. Again without Egypt, the success of Arab entertainers remains incomplete.

Egyptian Natural Beauty Sandy~El Helm & Kol Ma Arrab

She is Lebanese, She is Egyptian she is both….Lara Scandar

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9 Responses to Who is Hotter? Lebanese vs. Egyptians

  1. Anonymous says:

    Egyptian women are gorgeous!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    LMAOOOO this is by farrr the most biased bullshit ive ever read. every country has their own beauty anyone who thinks the women in their country is more beautiful than someone elses country is kjus being biased and deserves a slap. beauty is in the eye of the beholder my friend . this is not a question that someone like you should answer and post on the net so that you can feed bullshit in the mind of others. where are your facts? you jus state scenarios most of the time and dont back up anythin lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yea as pitbull said the women in Lebanon are the bomb. Don't be a hater. Don't hate the player hate the game. I love Lebanese women gypo women sorry you can't compete…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lebanese girls are fake. However, they do know how to present themselves well. BUT…..Egyptian girls are more exotic looking and have a more natural beauty.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Alexandria alone is as big as lebenon. Can't compare Egypt to country like Lebanon.

  6. Anonymous says:

    omg this girl named Sandy has the ugliest sense of fashion I've ever seen. She's not pretty at all! She has slits for eyes and her eyebrows are so outdated! She thinks she's a competition for lebanese celebrities? lmao sit down sweet heart. I think she can use a few surgeries. Who said intimate scenes aren't frowned upon in Lebanon? Egypt is known for its slutty actresses. Egypt might be bigger than lebanon, but what does that have to do with beauty? that was just a stupid comment.
    Lebanon was rated one of the most elegant cities in the world because of the beautiful prestigious people!! Lebanese girls are mentioned in almost every rap song today because of their beauty!! All the hottest stars in Hollywood wear Lebanese designer coutoure because lebanese people have an exquisite sense of taste and fashion. When I went to Egypt It was very hard to find just one pretty girl whereas in Beirut you can't get enough of them. Hands down Lebanese girls in general are by far prettier and classier than Egyptian girls.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lebanese girls are moslty fake and plastic surgery while egyptain girls are natural beauty with the beautiful eyes so I will go egyptain

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lebanese are hot but very high maintenance and Egyptain are very hot but low maintenance so will go for Egyptian cuz will save a lot money lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    First of all, I am not surprised to see such a racist post. It's very normal considering where it came from. Secondly, if you want to compare "real" genuine beauty before plastic surgeries ever existed compare Soad Hosny, Nadia Lotfy, Naglaa Fathi, Mervat Amin to Sabah. Guess you know who wins.

    P.S. I am talking about women only because It is not nice to compare lebanese guys to Nagalaa Fathi or Nadia Lotfy even though it somehow make sense.

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