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Published on January 19th, 2011 | by hotarabic


The Arabian Dudes Will Love This One

Not quite sure what to make of Fahad AlQseer, I do not know anything about the dude, nor does the internet. It’s not my fault, but he colors sad songs and for some reason his music keeps appearing on my account. My guess he is either from Iraq or some Syrian small town as his style of choice seems to be withing the Syrian folksy music, becoming more and more popular as Syrian tv shows get shown around the Arab world.

The music video plays like a flashback of the good old times before the break up happens and the singer feels abandoned and lost. Sure, he also sits around in a bar remembering the life he could have had with his ex. Every Arab kid who went to college has a story like Fahed’s. Not my style of choice, but his style is popular for sure…the simple lyrics that flow naturally and effortlessly please those looking for some comfort.

فهد القصير مين السبب

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