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Published on January 20th, 2011 | by hotarabic


Egyptian Indie Bands Get a “Microphone”

The first Arabic indie song from the indie music scene in Egypt comes this song from a little known band that will be featured in the upcoming Khalid Abu Al Najja indie movie “Microphone”, when you thought Arabic indie scene never existed comes this song about life. It does sound like an Irish song that play in a bard or a dance floor. So you know the music is worth it.

The movie got few headlines and won few awards, but it still has not been shown in a major studio in Egypt. It did win an ward in every film festival it got in. This is not a movie about avarice things, it’s about people that you never hear form or see to say the least, there is a number of street musicians around the world, Egypt has its share, but they also have a number of indie bands that never gets air time becasue they are not celebrities. Or perhaps becasue they raise interesting and valid points about the harsh reality of live.

Anyhow here is the song titled Ab’ad Makan, “the farthest Place” by the little known band The Other Side of Mascara with clips from the upcoming movie that I am looking forward to watching and I hope you do too. Free spirited in style and independent spirit It’s an all girl music band, so that’s fresh. They are no the 4 cats pop, they are more music and less fashion show. liked the skater scene, the indie music posters, and the scene where the fish is put back in the water.

Don’t you love the poster for the movie? do you see where it says it starts underground? Cool!

The Other Side Of Mascara – Ab’ad Makan / فريق مسكرة – أبعد مكان

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    can I stream your songs at the indie radio online

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    or upload your songs to the indie radio online

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