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Published on January 12th, 2011 | by hotarabic


Rahma Ahmad Daawa Qataria

It’s official Arab soccer in Asia is dead…so far in the Asia cup, all Arab teams have fallen if not humiliated. So far, there is only on Arab win, two ties and countless losses. Qatar and Kuwait were both a disgrace to Arab soccer. Saudis got schooled, Jordan (even with Japan) and Syria (ops! they beat Saudi Arabia) have shown some good games.
But that did not stop Star Academy 7 graduate Rahama Ahamd from releasing “Daawa Qataria”, the official anthem for Asia Cup 2011, it’s a cool song in Gulf Dialect, it has to be upbeat and in that it does not disappoint. I like the mastering, the chorus do a great job, the music is what you would expect from a sport song.
“Daawa-Qataria”, or in English A Qatar invitation “Prayer”. It might be a bit all over the place , addressing themes of friendship, love and sportsmanship. Yes there is English in it, I think it should have more English in it, and less Arabic…or at least chose the Arabic that easy to pronounce, (Waka Waka anyone?) but overall it’s a fun song for those who speak Arabic and those who enjoy “exotic” music.


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