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Published on January 7th, 2011 | by hotarabic


Syrian Love a Good Time Courtesy of Mariam Attallah

So the biggest Restaurant in the world is in Syria, that’s right the Syrian have the honor of having the world’s largest restaurant “بمطعم بوابة دمشق” of Damascus Gate Restaurant. As you would expect from a restaurant in a new year, they have to have a party. And even since the 80s, Syria has always given us good parties as the people of that land appreciate good party and love to dance.

For this popular restaurant, the management did not opt out for an A list Arab singer, those are very expensive and often do not get the people of Syria to shake it as the people up in Syria have a very discriminating taste in music. Instead the hired an voice that few people remember, but their style of singing agrees with the taste in Syria. Mariam Attallah, the graduate of the popular music reality show Star Academy rose to the occasion and kicked off the new year in the Damascus gate Restaurant.

First, you have to love the music in the concert, the singing is not as important, the music is the star….of course Mariam did a great job in selecting what songs to play, she kept is safe and played the oldies and the traditional debke songs that everyone memories…here is a good portion of the concert. I could help but notice the energy and excitement party goers show in this video. You also good a good chance to have a look at the restaurant form the inside. Smells like teen spirit, good for them…more so than any other concert goers, Syrian and Lebanese love a good dance and they do it in groups too.

ميريم عطا الله حفلة راس السنة2011 / ميدلي لبناني منوع

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2 Responses to Syrian Love a Good Time Courtesy of Mariam Attallah

  1. amal says:

    love you myriam attallah
    all arabs love you

  2. oulak says:

    myriam atallah so lovely
    all love u myriam

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