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Published on January 14th, 2011 | by hotarabic


Syrian Soccer Gets its Own Song

Syria’s number one popular singer Ali Al Deek does not miss an opportunity to sing about something. He is currently Syria’s number one singer in terms of demand and name recognition. He was big in 2006 all over the Arab world with a hit song, but he seems to have lost his way. Syria had a good run in the Asia cup and they did so well, they pissed off the Saudi team and beat them in a surprise win. Ali is there to support his country men and sing for them.

Put on your soccer uniform and get ready to hit the green field as Ali wants you to be there for Syria’s team, bring in your pride and watch the surprise team of 2011 Asia cup. Sure, Syria has never been a powerhouse in soccer, not sure even if they care much for sports in Syria. But that’s a good sporty fast paced song that plays also well at wedding parties when you feel like doing the debka dance. Sure they just lost the game today and won’t be qualifying, but it was fun when it lasted.

Yes, the music video is low tech, all green screen and stock footage of the tournament and the achievements of the Syrian soccer team. The lyrics are not that creative, anyone can write them, it feels like the words flow out of you when you see them when, anyone with a pen and paper could have written this song.

علي الديك – شوفوا المنتخب

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