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Published on February 18th, 2011 | by hotarabic


Apologize To Mubarak Or Else

Few days ago someone felt Bad for Mubarak and started a Facebook page apologizing to the former dictator for the way he left office. It’s a ridiculous idea by all means to apologize to the man who would only listen to his own demons that brought an dishonorable end to his career.

Another group has emerged to say the opposite, We are not sorry Mr. President. The page states, we are not sorry we have lived all our lives in repression where we cannot express our thoughts. We are not sorry we have stood against you when you killed 300 and so innocent Egyptians. We are not sure for you not apologizing about those cold blooded murders. We are not sorry you never found out who among your cronies killed the young man Khlid Said in the streets of Alexandria.

And since this is a Facebook activities in Egypt, we ought to see some humor too. Last year a popular movie ‘Kalemny Shokran” for provocative Egyptian director Khalid Yousef. The clip is about many things that are wrong in Egypt, but the clip in particular is about a tug who have abused his power and has a militia of men who intimidate people in the area, steal their money and abduct their women. When the people decide to protest this tug in droves. They all go to his residence and once he started firing at them, they all freak out and apologize to the tug instead of fighting him.

احنا اسفين يا صلاح من فيلم كلمنى شكرا

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