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Published on February 11th, 2011 | by hotarabic


Laugh With Egypt’s Minister of Interior

The Minister of Interior any any country is a powerful figure, in most developing countries the minister is the scariest person who tends to abuse his/ her powers and the regime will look the other way. That’s becasue the minister of interior keeps the stability of the country.

In light of the demonstrations in Egypt, the Minister of interior has authorized his men to fire at the protesters, and has took his police force off the street to cause chaos. Needless to say it took two days, but the Minister of interior was the first one to be fired, now his account it been frozen and he is under investigation. So basically it sucks to be him right now as he might be the fall guy for the whole deal in Egypt. Not to mention that he has blood on his hand.

Now here is a funny montage in Arabic for a previous interview with the Egyptian Minister of Interior Habib Al’ Adly. I think they did a fine job mocking him and giving you a laugh at the expense of someone who was once the most feared man in Egypt.

رسالة حبيب العادلي للمصريين – مهم جدا”>رسالة حبيب العادلي للمصريين – مهم جدا

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