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Published on March 22nd, 2011 | by hotarabic


The Black List of Celebrities for Assad

Just like their counterparts in Tunisia and Egypt, Syrian activists released their own list of celebrities in their country who are either supporting the regime or opposing the protests in their country. Needless to say many of those celebrities had stands on other Arab revolutions, but when it comes to their own country, they do not care to offer words of support or even an opinion. I happen to believe that those list like the black list and hall of shame lists make entertainers think twice before they speak in favor or against a grassroots movement.
While hundreds have been killed, injured and imprisoned in that country, those celebrities keep on pretending nothing happens in Syria. The list will likely grow as the protest grows and we will be watching.

قائمة العار السورية | سوريون ضد الثورة

  1. Abbas Al Nouri, an A list Syrian actor has told a number of print media, that if those people had any demands, there is no need for a revolution. Negotiations will solve it and there is no need to bring unrest to Syria. The actor has also said, “The youth on Facebook is trying to copy Tunisia and Egypt”, the actor seems to be living in his own ivory tower when he was reported to have said, “The protest are only in Daraa, all other parts are quite” This Syrian guy has been in the trenches for Assad and the regime issuing press releases in support of Syrian, the land of all the Arabs….I am an Arab and Syria won’t let me in.
  2. Syrian actor Rasheed Assaf has said, “As a Syrian, I am with the regime, I defend it and I want it to stay”, “Because the regime has many nationalistic and patriotic achievements” Say like killing unarmed civilians and throwing anyone in jail. Rasheed has also added, “We need gradual social reform, and the regime has been doing that” Like kicking the native residents of Damascus and giving their property to the Assad followers. (still silent)
  3. Duraid Laham, the iconic and legendary Syrian actor who has supported all protests in all Arab countries stopped offering his support and endorsement to protesters in Syria. The actor who speaks like Gamal Abdel Nasser when it comes to Syria he speaks like a true brown noser has been the unofficial spokesperson for the brutal regime. (he remains silent)
  4. Syrian actress Laura Abu Al Saad has also endorsed the Syrian leader as she was quoted tp have said, “I support the grand Syrian leader Bashar Al Assad”, something tells me this lady will go back and try to re define the meaning of the world “support”. She has also said on TV that the protest are to support the President of Syria. Laura is going out for Bashar as she called on her colleague to boycott any network critical of Assad.
  5. The seasoned Syrian actor Omar Hajjo is also condemned for acting as a giant propaganda machine in behalf of the regime. you would think this song of Halab, a Syrian city that saw the brutality of the father Assad would think twice before offering support to a regime that has been targeting civilian protesters.
  6. George Wassouf, Syrian singer known for his random antics and love for coke and drinking, fine he has a dozen of great songs. Has been quite throughout the protests in Syria, but throughout his career has had many songs for Bashar calling him, “The Dear, son of the Dear one” The singer has made a phone call to one of those live talk shows and claimed the protesters in Syria are not Syrians and rather some foreign nationals.
  7. Popular and also awesome Syrian singer Asalah has been busy mocking Qaddafi and celebrating the fall of the Mubarak regime, but has not addressed the protests in Syria and in the past she has sang for Assad on more than occasion.
  8. Zohir Ramadan, syrian actor that has made more TV dramas than anyone in the history of mankind has stated to the Syrian State TV, “The protesters are spies and people who get paid tons of money to bring unrest to Syria”, he has also added one more outlandish claim “Those protest clips you see from Syria’, but clips from Egypt and Tunisia” I would love to believe you, but I do not think they speak in Shami accents in those places.
  9. Syrian poet Somer Yousef took a different approach, “Why do not those protesters in Syria chant for Jerusalem and against the burning of the Koran in America”. To this poet’s mind this makes the protesters are Zionist agents. Maybe you should stick to fiction as it seems you have no clue what reality is. To his credit, Somer has written many fine poems prasing the Syrian regime.
  10. Assi Hilani has not left an Arab dictator without singing a song praising them dictators. This Lebanese singer who think he is some kind of an Arabian knight. Assi has a fine voice, but he seems to be lacking on judgment. Assi chose to release this song for Bashar with some slideshow of the Syrian leader who has ordered the killing of his own people. This song calls Bashar, a lion. Too bad, Bashar is a lamb when it comes to the Israeli occupation.
  11. Syrian singer Adeena Al Ali made a phone call on the Syrian TV condemning all the protesters and calling them for being part of the plot against the great Syrian leader. The C list singer also argued that Syria is for the people. Sure, as long as the people are quite, your statements are correct.
  12. Nancy Za’abalawy, a favorite of mine, this young and talented singer came to the Defense of the Assad household. Calling him a hero and the man who walks around the city with no personal guards. But few years ago the same singer got drunk in a Beirut wedding and then she started speaking out against the regime.
  13. Syrian actor Basel Khayat has spoken out against the Syrian revolution and called the protesters foreign agents. The B list actor has declared his loyalty to Assad and the leadership in his county. i guess in this way he is endorsing the killing of those unarmed civilians in Syria.
  14. Abel Menim Amayry, a Palestinian Syrian actor has called the protesters foreign agents and has shamed the actors union in Syrian for not organizing support tallies for the inspired leader of Syria. the actor has made his opinion known courtesy of the Syrian state TV. Sorry, you are the only foreign agent on this list.
  15. Tolay Haroun, another Syrian B list actress throws her hat in the Assad love fest on the Syrian national TV. She has argued the country is targets by some secret foreign nations who want to bring unrest to the lovely Syria. She also claimed that all the people of Syria stand united behind Assad.
  16. Suzan Najim Aldeen, an A list Syrian actress has argued in a recent interview that all the people of Syria are united with Assad who has brought modernity and development to the nation. Suzan has asked her fans not to believe Satellite networks becasue they all lie. True, the same networks made us believe that Suzan is a decent person when she is cealry not. (Link)
  17. Ali Al deek, the first dude of Syrian folksy music who is in Canada at this time has called in to offer support for Bashar Assad and his regime. Keep in mind the same singer has put on quite a show for Qaddafi (Link) This guy would be nothing had the people of Syria not made him a star. Now he seems indifferent with those fans are massacred.
  18. Arif Altawil, is a Syrian actor and director from Damascus is paying back the favors for the Syrian regime who appointed to a position in the Syrian TV. Arif made a phone call to a talk show and added his voice to the voice of the Assad regime. The actor was pretending to be upset with the protesters and of course he called them foreign agents who want to do Syria harm. Too bad the Arab proverbs about every Tawil is an idiot still holds true.
  19. Mostafa Al Khany (Al Nimis), the A list Syrian actor and the guy who used to play a key role in Syrian epic TV drama Bab Al Hara is a useless talent. He issues a lengthy press release calling out the protesters and calling them spies, foreign agents and conspirators who want to bring chaos to Syria. Al Nimis was was supposed to be popular with Arab American here must be unwelcome anywhere form now on becasue he is a tool. He is making the case that King Assad will punish those who killed anyone, while calling them spies the Syrian actor wants to avenge their death. (Link)
  20. Abed Fahid, the son of Lathkia and award wining actor was quoted by a popular celebrity scope site to have congratulated the people of Syria for Bashar Al Assad the inspired leader who is fighting all those conspirators and collaborators. The actor has also blamed the international media for making this a big deal when it’s not. I do not know Abed, when you kill tens of civilians it should be a big deal, this is not some movie we are talking about.
  21. Firas Ibrahim, the Syrian actor that is currently filming is role as the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish is whining that filming if the biopic drama has been slowed due to the various protests supporting Assad. the actor is making the case that Syria is like no other, and the people love the president–God gift to the land. Too bad Mahmoud Darwish is not alive, he would have asked Firas not to take on his character. (Link)
  22. Syrian Actress Sahar Fawzi condemned the protest in Syria declared support for Assad and his regime. She called in those words and a day later she was celebrating the regime, dancing over the dead bodies of the people of Daraa.
  23. Raw’a Yaseen is the life of the party and pretend nothing wrong, she is joking, having fun and dancing as she takes pride in being a mouthpiece for the regime. This happened as Raw’a took part of the rally to support Assad.
  24. A List Syrian actress Salma Al Masry spent her career posing as a tough women and a woman of leadership skills. Salma showed up for a rally to support the regime where she thought she was of some sort of festival as the people of Daraa and other towns are busy burying the bodies.
  25. Tough guy Ayman Zaidan is one of the best Syrian actors who spent his career pretending to be a badass who kicks the French out. This A list actor made a phone call in support of the President and called the rally to support Assad, a national day of celebration. Zaidan also thanked the president for his smart choices. Ending the call with a greeting, every year and this leader is our leader standing against the foreign plots. all I can say, your acting is really good, but your thinking sucks.
  26. Fadia Jibreel, is a Syrian TV personality that not only insulted the protester in Syria, she went farther and went after the movement in Tunisia and Egypt. She calls those grassroots protest a secret conspiracy. Fadia, you need to stick to reading the news, not making it.
  27. Wael Sharaf had the kind of career where he was always playing the true Syrian character in most of his work. He attacked this black list and the wall of shame of celebrities like him who support the brutal regime. Wael argues there is a media war targeting Syria, but forgets that there is no reporter allowed into Daraa.
  28. Wafaa Mosaly, this old school actress attacked Sheik Qaradawi for his comments on Syria. She has also highlighted that all Syria is for the president and they all march in the streets in support of this “amazing” leader! Wafaa had nothing new to say, clearly she is copying whatever they told her to say.
  29. Fadia Khatab, the head of the Syrian Actors guild is pressuring actors to come and support Assad and change their unfavorable opinions of the regime. She is asking them to miss the obvious, civilians have been murdered in cold blood.
  30. Actor Ahmad Rafi’e concludes that the people of Syria love their leader, he is asking God to protest the leader before protecting the land and its people. One more thing he is calling the peaceful protest a Zionist conspiracy. Great, now I know we are in Syria.
  31. Syrian singer Rabie Al Asmar, the guy who sand Bint Al Akaber, Rich man’s daughter made a call to the state TV and said pretty much what everyone else says about how lovely the Assad regime is.
  32. Tamer Isac, the young Syrian director questioned the video footage from the protests and he thinks they are fabrications somehow. He said he tried to match the sound with the pictures and it did not add up. Dude, this is not some director’s cut, this is some security agents cutting the throat of protesters.
  33. Eye candy Dina Haroun came out to tell us that the Syrian people are smart, too smart to let those conspiracies fly and bring unrest to Syria.
  34. Randa Marashly, the syrain soap opera actress wants Assad to be the ruler of the land for ever, she wants him to be the boss of the land for eternity, that’s what she said. I know your nose is big, why stick is in everywhere?
  35. Fada Bashour is a nobody outside Syria, but she took part of the pro Assad rally where there was singing, chanting and dancing for the inspired leader.
  36. Wael Ramadan loves Syria and he is willing to do something about his love, he called in one of those Syrian talk shows and voiced his love and support for the president of the land. But the entertainer had a twist to his demand, he begged the President not to lift the emergency law, he really did. I hope you get what you ask for and see you in some jail.
  37. Syrian retired Soccer player George Khoury asked the government to confiscate the protesters personal identifications cards. The former soccer player was moved by Assad’s speech and was crying on the line. So Syrian soccer players are not much different than the ones in Egypt, they all love the regime.
  38. Theater actor Nawar Bulbul has proven that he is a world class hypocrite, once Assad was done with his no speech speech, this guy came up with some poem to suck up to the great leader of the land. Why stop there, Bulbul even went back to the Hafiz days and celebrates those days too.
  39. Syrian pop singer Samo Zain promised to deliver a song for the fallen in Syria. He did not and now he led a support Assad rally in front of the Syrian embassy in Cairo. So he wants to have it both way, I now know why most people think you are not Syrian. I thought those love songs of yours came form a good heart. (Link)
  40. Old School Rafik Al sab’ey is a pioneer in Syrian theater and drama, but he is gutless when it comes to taking a stand. He took part of a support Assad rally in Damascus turning his back on the dead and the imprisoned dozens.
  41. The Treo of singer George Tahhan, poet Yousef Naji and composer Fadi Mardiny released a song on how much they love the lion of the land and the beloved leader Bashar. Too bad the hundreds of the dead and imprisoned cannot sing along, the lion of the land did what every lion knows to do…kill.
  42. Basim Yakhour, the goofiest looking actor in Syria has a theory, a bunch of people hiding behind their computer screens started the protests in Syria, so in his silly mind this is what happens. He issued a statement declaring his support and affection to the regime and its mascot. I would say stick to acting, but you are not that good in that either (Link)
  43. Singer Safaa Sultan (never heard of her before) participated in support Assad rallies and promised a new song for Assad that she will release soon as a sign of gratitude for the leader of Syria. I think Assad need to be grateful to you not the other way around!
  44. Actress Laila Samour thinks that Assad is an exceptional leader and that she teared up when she saw the millions on the streets marching for Assad. Of course Laila thinks what happened there is sectarian driven.
  45. Young singer Samer Kabro never was a good singer, but he cashed in and released a song in love of Assad and he hopes all the people get to enjoy the song. Samer, get real man, you will never be famous because you were never good to begin with.
  46. Qusai Khouly has some issues with Syrian celebrities who do not come out in support of Assad before they support the land and the people first because he won’t sign on anything that askes for a day of moruning on the dead of Daraa.
  47. Maan Abel Haq participated in pro Assad really where he carried the picture of the “leader” and celebrated victory! Yes, they called it victory when they killed hundreds of their own country men, in the meantime the Israelis still occupy the Golan Heights.
  48. Tune In, we will keep updating

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    Every person you have on that list is with syria, so what your saying is everyone who is famous and in support of Al Asaad is wrong. I think you need to check your facts before you place anything on the net again. I feel sorry for you and you need help

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  13. My late uncle Sada was same school in Syria, he does it like to talk him Duraid Laham, he hate other in school not fighter or want to be a friends and pissing him before Duraid Laham television debut in 1960's, and my late uncle piss him on TV.

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    Peace for all.

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