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Akim Camara, the Nigerian Boy Wonder

He is the song of a Nigerian man and a German women, the boy wonder is Akim Camara, the music genius who is leading an orchestra in Germany even thought he is just 3 years of age. His concerts are filling stadiums, that;s right stadium of fans parents and little kids who want to see this phenomenal musician.

He is cute, he is funny he is what the internet is nowadays been used for. He started to take interest in music in 2004 when he was two years old, now he is much older–like 9 years old. I bet he can make some great music now and hope for a great career for this young boy.

Andre Rieu & 3 year old violinist, Akim Camara 2005

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  1. I came across this young, adorable, "man" by accident when I was skimming Youtube. I could hardly believe my ears and eyes and was almost in tears when he played on stage with Andre Rieu (plus water trick). Amazing, fantastic …. not a suitable adjective to describe him and his natural talent.

  2. Me too i cried and i was in the office..he is truly sensational

  3. Can any good thing come out Nigeria?????

  4. He is simply amazing child

  5. Akim Camara, es un niño prodigio con un gran talento musical.
    He disfrutado y me he emocionado con su actuación. Seguí viendo sus videos con gram admiración. Me llamó mucho la atención la mala calidad de la grabaciónde de sus tres últimos videos. Tienen cámara fija y foco automático que hizo mover continuamente el objetivo, obteniendo una imágen desenfocada. Estimo que Akim, se merece una grabación perfecta, así como es su talento

  6. what is the 2nd song that Akim plays when the people clap along with him?

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