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Published on September 14th, 2011 | by hotarabic


Zayne And Pyramedia Brings Us Garbage

If the promo gets me offended then chances are the whole clip will either make me dumber or just disgust me. I am not an easy guy to offend, but this clip where Zayne, no idea who he is is putting together some elements from the R&B/rap with some stereotypical Arab belly dancing. Literary, there’s a belly dancing in front of your eyes.

The song is also titled shake it….say no more. Not sure if that what businessman Richard El Haj had on mind for Arab entertainment. Gone are the days that true artists call the shots on art, now those decisions are saved for managers and whoever has money. Those who are willing to blow your mind and stoop to new low get the money of course.

Updated: No idea where Zayne and his army of fans come to the site, clearly he has a lot of fans. I am happy to see that, however, I have not changed my mind. I just don’t like stereotypes. It never helped an Arab entertain make it out there. If you are curios then look up Funky Arab by Jad Choueiri and see how lame this kind of stuff really is.

I maintain Zayne has some style and some moves that are borrowed from American entertainers. But I think making a music video with the belly dancer is what passed here in America for Arab culture. I don’t mind being wrong on this review!

Zayne – Shake It – Coming Soon

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56 Responses to Zayne And Pyramedia Brings Us Garbage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shows how much you know, in fact i'm bored of Arabic Music saaame music, saaame lyrics just re writen nothing new so i'm quiet Interested to see what this Artist has to offer besides teaser looks good.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A bad blog indeed, you made your judgement from a 10 second footage of a clip, i wouldn't like to hear your advice and why have i seen previous comments and now they are deleted? i doubt your little plan will work i think your intimidated more then offend

  3. Malak says:

    مصري على غربي ابداع

  4. Anonymous says:

    @ this so called " bad blogger" seriously dude have u seen the amount of views zayne has already had personally i think you have no idea about talent.
    @ zayne dnt worry you've obviously made it you already got a hater.

  5. Anonymous says:

    what "art" are you talking about the Art died with abd al haleem w oum kalsoum the stars now we like because thats all there is now i want to hear more before i say good or bad bas so far good promo

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    niiiiice : D

  8. Anonymous says:

    offended? so how do you feel about most arab singer women have to be half naked to be stars AND they cannot sing or even look like stars we watch because they are naked

  9. Anonymous says:

    good luck ya Zayne

  10. Anonymous says:

    When is the clip out? i have never seen this on mazzika

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry and who is this dude that is giving this review? I came across this video on youtube, and to my suprise its something new and fresh to come out from Egypt and the arab world. Well done Zayne for syle and imagination..Egypt and the Middle want a new world, then they need a new star… not singers who are over khamseen sana wa lissa fakreen inohom shabab wa style wa bita3. Wa maninsash the awful dancing. As for this idiot who wrote the blog or review or whatever its suppose to be, probably does not work in the music industry…well I hope just sitting in his tight shorts & top gun t-shirt, listening probably to Mayal and just hating. I say good luck Zayne…Guys, ladies if you like, send on to your friends. Cant wait to see what this guy's got bas looks promising..wa masry bardo 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    جميله جدا وبالتوفيق انشاء الله

  13. Anonymous says:

    Looks wicked your dancing looks sharp.Is the singing in English or Arabic? Sending love from the US

  14. Anonymous says:

    جامده جدااااااااااااااااااااااا

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wheres the garbage?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Muy bueno!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    interesting i dont know i have to c the whole clip

  18. Anonymous says:

    Love it! x

  19. Anonymous says:

    mubrook ya zayne gamda moooooot

  20. Hanitizer says:

    10 seconds say a lot about the feel of the clip. I don't know Zayne, I do not have to know his history to figure out the clip sucks. Proof me wrong on substance. Thank you all

  21. Anonymous says:

    niiiiiiice, sounds like a hott track

  22. Anonymous says:

    looks good, will keep an eye out for it x

  23. Anonymous says:

    I do agree, i want to see something different in the arab world I'm bored of all the same shit Except Hamaki

  24. Anonymous says:

    I like it

  25. Anonymous says:

    Yo i was just watching Fouad Fares clip and i read what you wrote about him and again you've done it here. You need to get a new job this isn't for you. 1st you say how can fouad make an Rnb beat for an arabic audience whilst your blogging about Arab music in English errrm which is messed by the way awful and 2. this clip you say it's stereotypical, how could it be when we haven't heard the artist sing or even heard the lyrics, yet your the one stereotyping arabs saying what they would and wouldn't like, you know these clips will get ratings so you link them to your blog to get visitors on your blog through "as seen on" your a very sad man respect to Fouad and Zayne for mixing it up we need more Artists like them!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Good review we would have to wait and see but don't you think the title is a bit too much especially over a preview

  27. Anonymous says:

    nooo this is a scam he wants u to pay him so he can promote you thats what this blog is about promoting bad thing is hes leached on your arse now by linking his blog to your youtube clip mostly all his reviews on this blog are negative

  28. Anonymous says:

    Adorei 😛 Beijos

  29. Anonymous says:

    I would have to disagree with you Hanitizer, this promo does look quiet interesting especially if you like belly dance music and it is true you did get a bit carried away with the title of the topic of this blog

  30. Hanitizer says:

    Just to be clear, I do not get paid for artists or companies, there's not enough money in the Arabic music business for people like me. I do have a job and I like it and I like my blog. Those are my opinions…please agree to disagree. Get Real folks…

  31. Anonymous says:

    your too fast, nothing like funky Arabs so your review is invalid that's how you know you blog is crap and I've seen the clip you cant compare Zayne to Gad loool you really don't know anything. successful bloggers go re search and put the real deal on their page but your too dumb to do that, thats why your blog is brass and what offends you? the belly dancer lool you gay? be a real blogger and answer these people questions or stick to your real job if you have one cowboy

  32. Anonymous says:

    Oh and by the way same dude from last comment your link for this blog has been shared over facebook every one seems to dis agree with you and your blog is getting very negative reviews,thought i'd update you. you shame us as an Arabs man not cool, y must you be a hater

  33. Hanitizer says:

    I love this, you guys are giving my blog some awesome hits and traffic, I say keep them coming. Send me more of those Zayne lovers! Rock On

  34. Anonymous says:

    Zayne haikasar eldonia good luck ya ma

  35. Anonymous says:

    Keep doin ur thing Zayne, bad boy of the middle east

  36. Anonymous says:

    i really liked it! 😀

  37. Anonymous says:

    habibi zayne cnt wait x

  38. Anonymous says:

    looks cool good luck

  39. Anonymous says:

    NO WAY you cnt compare ZAYNE to Jad Choueiry in music or in dancing Zaynes in a totally different league lol

  40. Anonymous says:

    well done promo looks fantastic!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Guys if you like Zayne or your a Zayne fan and is following his music please DO NOT leave comments on this blog direct all your comments to Zayne's Fan Page on Facebook or any of the links we have shared. Please DO NOT share this link any more on Facebook or any other social network sites. Thanx

  42. Anonymous says:

    your blog is neat but i disagree with your review doesnt make sense

  43. Anonymous says:

    It is true its so stereotypical to put a belly dancer in an arabic song, but I've heard the song it's about how Zayne's going to have the whole world dancing to arabic music and the belly dancer is not arab i think he wants to show the arab world how he has non arabs dancing to his music

  44. Anonymous says:

    Gamed ya fanaan

  45. Anonymous says:

    very nice promo, wish you luck X

  46. Anonymous says:

    انسان رائع…وفنان أروع

  47. Anonymous says:

    Que whay! x

  48. Anonymous says:

    definitely intimidated bcoz Zayne will be able to do what any arab pop star can do but they will never be able to do what Zayne does by far. LOVE the promo xxxxx

  49. Anonymous says:

    i am belly dancer and i have seen Zayne perform this track he is a great entertainer and his song is a belly dance song so i think its good he put a belly dancer i think you should get offended that arab artists use foreign models and film in foreign countries they are not true to them selves i do like arab artists some have some ok songs i am from Lebanon and i see many arab singers they are all ugly to short to fat to old and they dont have any energy or carizma but Zayne is beautiful and he has so much great carizma i really like him

  50. Anonymous says:

    انااسف جدا بس البرومو ده شكلو جامد والمطرب زين شكلو هيقدم حاجة جديده لو كمان اخد مكان فى السوق مميزة

  51. Anonymous says:

    very good looks fun

  52. Anonymous says:

    حلوه اوووي

  53. Anonymous says:

    I like zayne style he's gonna bring something new

  54. Anonymous says:

    WOW i like the promo

  55. Anonymous says:

    when on tv

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