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Published on May 28th, 2012 | by hotarabic


Ahmad Dari’s New Song For The Prisoners

The Jerusalem based Palestinian singer who has been lampooning all the obscure in Palestine politics is back with a short song dedicated to the striking Palestinian prisoners. It’s one for solidarity, a shout in the dark using the first person about the mixed feelings of a prisoner. As you might know, there have been waves of support coming toward the prisoners and their cause.

Israel sort of gave promises, and things will get better in prison for those in it. But the reality, too many of them are being held under no charges.

Hats off to Ahmad for his work in behalf of the people of Palestine and its people. He brings so much to the table.

 إلى الأسرى٬ ناموا الأغنيات٫ أحمد داري ويوسف زايد

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