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Published on May 21st, 2012 | by hotarabic


Haitham Nabil And The New Egyptian Citizen

I know I have called Egyptian singer Haitham Nabil the first mainstream singer to release a song for the January 25th revolution. He did is before it was hip and certainly it was not all that safe to sing. I salute Haitham Nabil for doing one of the hardest things for a celebrity to do…to stay silent.

Among all the singers of his class, Haitham has yet to comment on the days after the revolution–something he cleared supported.

Unlike dozens of other entertainers, Haitham Nabil has not taken sides. He has always played himself in the side of the common man in the streets. He is not a politicians like many singers seem to forget nowadays.

Haitham released a song about the new Egyptian, the new bread of people who really want unity, but are not willing to settle for less.

Nabil’s voice has always gotten better, he picks all the right sons that suit his vocal ability. I love the fact that he doe snot super impose his image on his music videos when he is singing for Egypt. The lyrics of his songs are hard to beat, they offer poetic justice. This is what all activists should be like, dreamy yet know the reality–knowing does not mean accepting.

 هيثم نبيل – ليل الخير نهار ( المصرى الجديد )

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