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Published on May 17th, 2012 | by hotarabic


Spoken Word Artist Shames The Egyptian Army

Many in Egypt are frustrated and disappointed with the continued death of protesters in Egypt. Sometimes they blame the thugs, but the police and the army are the only ones with guns. So it’s hard to blame anyone but those who are supposed to be in charge. Dozens of protests have been murdered in cold blood few weeks ago, and no one is man enough to take credit for it.

But the protests do not seem to be intimidated, and they certainly do not seem to want to go home, so here’s a poem from a spoken word artist part of the 050 band delivered those emotional words that put the military council to shame. People are hell bent on making the army give up its control in Egypt. They want them to go back to their bases, and let a civilian leader run the government. And by the way they want no one from the past regime to run too.

زيروخمسين و الشاعر الكبير أمجد القهوجى / حراره – مدرعتك

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