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Published on May 15th, 2012 | by hotarabic


You Can Never Have Too Many Egypt Love Song

Bring back your flags, Egypt needs you to wave them and needs you to express that love you have always had for it. These are troubling times in Egypt and it seems cynicism is all over that country, and few are willing to sing for it at the moment, many did that last year. But this might be the first mainstream song to come out this year.

Vocally, the song leaves things to be desired, the lyrics are pretty good, the winner is the pictures, videos and slideshow that go with the song. The singer is young Ahmed Awad who did not impose his picture of video on us till the song has finished. Mr. Awad does seem to have a lot of pride in his country and its people–not many would sing about that now. Good job Ahmed, keep up that good work and that all Egyptian pride.

 Ahmed Awad – Asly Masry / أحمد عوض – أصلي مصري

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