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Ali Hajjar And When The Prisoners Laugh

Ali Hajjar is one of the most notable vocalists in Egypt. The man with opera worthy voice has bee making visits to the house of opera for decades now. He has also been recording soundtrack songs for most famous Egyptian movies and TV shows. He even acted in some of them too.

He has many hit songs that are well known in Egypt, his  voice is the most recognizable voice in the Arabic entertainment. So when he saw the revolutionaries being imprisoned and tortured, even beat up in the streets he made a music video where he put himself in a cell and said all the things often cited by the revolutionaries to oppose the powers. The song is a work of poetry (the legendary abdel rahman Abanoody wrote it) and translated the laugh of the prisoners.

I did not know he was a revolutionaries but he really is one. When the 2011 revolution started he was in Spain, so he marched to the Egyptian embassies and protested. Then he has not give up on change yet.  

على الحجار – ضحكة المساجين الكليب الاصلى

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  1. Ali El Haggar is the classiest singer in Egypt. He is so elegant and his voice is so clear and strong. His patriotism makes him that much more appealing. Ali is the greatest Egyptian icon, since Ahmed Zaki, who will be forever unique and irreplacable.

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