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Published on July 15th, 2012 | by hotarabic


My Dad Used To Jam To Syrian Fahad Blan

When it comes to Arabic Tarab, Syria does not kid around! Syria is the place where legends of this style of music has been made for centuries. Look no further than on of those underrated Syrian legends Fahad Blan. One of Fahad’s most famous hits was a song where he is explaining his condition to his loved one.

Fahd passed away in 1997 not before he has made a huge name from hims and his family that comes from a little Syrian town where they used to do menial jobs. Fahad started his career doing odd jobs one of which a bus operator assistant. The bus used to travel to Damascus a lot where he would take part of a competition doing a cover of Syrian icon Farid Al Atrach…. needless to say he made a good impression.

The atis would join the Syrian radio and sing there, then he has his won songs and the rest is history. Fahad had many marriages including Lebanese diva Sabah. Fahabd used to open and present other legends of his time. He was considered one of the top ten artists in the Arab world in his time.

فهد بلان – واشرح لها

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