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Published on October 29th, 2012 | by hotarabic


Video: When Asalah Nasr Was A Little Girl In Syria

Asalah Nasry starter her music career with the help of her own father who was a local legend in Syrian music where they keep the tradition of old school Arabic music alive. Syria does not seek to be the hip things in Arabic music like house music and such. Instead, they make old style Arabic music relevant again. They raise kids who appreciate the original and authentic flavors of oriental music

Along came Asalah who was raised in that school, she had the voice for it, and she seems to appreciate the music heart and soul. That’s why she was embraced by the state TV, she was a favorite in official concerts and music festivals. She started early on and Syria has made her a house hold name.
Watch the clip for her from an appearance in the late 80s. Her voice has only gotten better, she takes no prisoners and holds nothing back….breathing seems to be optional. Those songs will never go out of style, there seems to be always the time for them. If you can sing like Asalah below, then you will ad your name to the legends of Arabic music. 
اصالة – يا ناسينا – 

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