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A Saudi Shows His Butt, Saudi Arabia Freaks Out

While he is Saudi, he seems to live in Cairo Egypt. With a name like Tomy Omran, I can imagine the artists living away form the motherland. He has agreed to take pictures from a Greek publication. They took him to the beach in Athens and took a number of pictures. One of the pictures they chose to feature is for Tomy’s butt. Downtown is the name of that Greek publication

When the magazine ran the picture by him, he disagreed but they offered to give him a 100 thousand Euros, and manged to convince him that this will be a win win as people will buy the publication. He has agreed because either way the pictures will get out. Tommy has confirmed that he has turned down similar offers from French publications to take his nude pictures.

The dude looks like a Nancy Ajram with a beard. He is a singer, an actor, a writer and presenter whose idols include Madonna, Boney M, ABBA and whose first performance was at a recital party where I sang Careless Whisper 4 George Michael. Tomy was born in California, resides in between Greece and Egypt. It seems a lot of Saudi men hate hit gut, and this is no surprise. Tomy is a different breed and most Saudis reject anything that tries to be different.

Angel in the sky – Tomy Omran – 2013 تومي عمران

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  1. OMG what a disgusting guy .. yak ..

  2. He is so woooooooow
    love him so much

  3. By the way this is zac efron ass! Do ur research before posting next time

  4. he is fuckin hot and handsome .. if i have sex with him ill watch his eyes for more than 2 hours lol

  5. Tomy is a king .. love him

  6. Disgusting….

  7. OMG he looks like a girl… I don't like him at all !!

  8. OMG he looks like a girl… I don't like him at all !!

  9. His butt is awesome! He is very very sexy!

  10. ewwww.. he does look like a girl after i saw more pictures and more videos . which woman wants a relation with him unless she is a lesbian

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