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Published on December 8th, 2012 | by hotarabic


Picture: Nicole Saba And Her Husband Youssef El Khal

Youssef El Khal is the lucky guy who has married Lebanese singer turned actress Nicole Saba. Nicole is one of those for real girls, she has always came across as a strong female, a thinking type. She has a lot of opinions and she is feminist–quite refreshing. She has projected those ideas in her music and songs where she is always standing up for herself.

But this was not an act, she lives this way too. That’s why when she wanted to get married, she married for love not for riches like most of those Arab celebrity gold diggers often do. After a long love story that started almost ten years ago, Lebanese stars Nicole Saba and Youssef El Khal tied the knot on December 22nd 2011. The couple have been vacationing in the States for few months now. Nicole and Youssef are back to their work. As both of them have acting gigs to return to.

A 200 person wedding–intimate in Arabia took place when families and friends of Nicole and Youssef came to Beirut, it was kept personal and private, but images have surfaced. You may not like Nicole’s style but she seems like one of those people who are truly themselves.

Wedding Nicole & Youssef el Khal

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  1. Shey y says:

    I'd rather think SHE is the lucky one… love youssef <3

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