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Published on June 17th, 2013 | by hotarabic


Download: Shayma Helali 2013 Album البوم شيما هلالى – ولا يهمك

This has been a really good album that was made because the artist fought for it. Shyma Helali who came to fame in 2007 after she has appeared (and done well) on the Star Academy program. Back then, she even performed a duet with Assi Hallani. But then this Tunisian native Shayma Helali did not take her chances. She can sing and her romantic soul is on display here.

This time, she released a single six months ago, a music video and then came the buzz. Now her album gets a major release and I hope she does well. She is one of those capable voices with a good soul, the grace of a queen, the class of a young princess.

Her versatile voice in performing Tarab (slow melody) songs is obvious. But she also does the pop songs to get in with the young crowd. She sings in Lebanese, Egyptian and the Gulf dialect. Her Tunisian song “Hakka” is the icing on the cake. It took her few years but her album makes it worth the wait.

01 – Ad’y Aleih02 – Ana Habeitoh
03 – Awel Marra Fi Hayaty
04 – Emta Nseitak
05 – Etdallal Ala Einy
06 – Fi Youm
07 – Hakka
08 – Haly Tamam
09 – La Mou Tabee
10 – Mn El Naharda (Ya Deblet El Khotoubah)
11 – Wala Yhemmak
12 – Ya Nahar

To Listen to her songs and download them, Here
Shayma Helali – Emta Nseitak / شيما هلالي – إمتى نسيتك

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