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Published on January 2nd, 2014 | by hotarabic


The First Umm Kulthum Song My Dad Got Me To Love

Before this song Umm Kulthum was just another lady that older folks in my family listen to and truly appreciate. To me, was this Goddess that when she spoke everyone had to listen and get in the zen mood. As a kid, I thought she was special, but I could not connect with her.

But then about 15 years ago, my dad came back to the store and with him there were half a dozen of her albums. And told me he will give me an education of Umm Kulthum. He asked me to play this song “Awdit 3eeny” or in English My Eyes have grown used to seeing you…..

Then on the slow lunch hour, we listened to the cassette play, and I just enjoyed watching my father enjoying the track where and its blissful agony. She was singing her heart and my dad enjoyed the emotions it evokes.

One hour later, I got into the song and that was the first song I have listened to in its entirety, and my dad appreciated that. And after that day, I started seeking out more and more of her songs and I became a fan. She is more than an entertainer, she is the original time machine.   

أم كلثوم – عودت عيني – كاملة

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