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Published on January 1st, 2014 | by hotarabic


WATCH: Nawal – Ya Fahimni – Video Clip | نوال – يا فاهمني – فيديو كليب #Kuwait

There is no bigger name for a female entertainer in he Gulf region than that enjoyed by Nawal of Kuwait. She is the finest and the most romantic voice they have in that region. She claims the most respect and appreciation in that part of the world that tends to be harsher on female entertainers.

Nawal released an album earleir this year and it was a hidden gem, ever since she got married, she moved to Turkey and called it home. She filmed her music video over there and boy do I love how beautiful she looks and how happy she seems. I am so proud of her, her voice and talent. “Ya Fahimni” is a poem, a love confession by a women who shares how he makes her feel.

Turkey is gorgeous and so is Nawal who has performed that song in such a beautiful manners, I wish her songs would play on other channels other than that of Rotana–she has that crossover appeal, and I know she is highly regarded in Lebanon as well as Egypt.

This is the work of a diva who is unafraid to love and declare that love in a such a way that doesn’t rub people the wrong way.
Nawal – Ya Fahimni – Video Clip | نوال – يا فاهمني – فيديو كليب

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