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Published on June 3rd, 2014 | by hotarabic


Ayman Al Aataar: The Libyan King Of The Summer @Ayman_Alatar

He is the most famous Libyan reality star–the winner of Super Star 2004, the early child of the internet age of social media. Ayman Al Aatar, won the title did an album in 2005, filmed a music video then like he flash he was gone. But in 2014 we see a totally different guy.

All-grown, all-serious and sounds very different in a unique style. Not many Libyans conquer the music charts, and certainly not many of them do it in the Gulf. Ayman released a single that caught fire and resurrected his career. I always thought he was charming, but he went away completely for years.

While this song is in the Gulf dialect, it’s easily accessible to all Arabs and its beat is pretty fresh. This is what I should call a comeback. Something we did not hear about until it hit us and then we were all in love all at once.  

He is a lot more animated, and a lot more suave. Ayman is the best news from Libya, even though he won the title over a Palestinian favorite Ammae Hassan, I am glad he is back with something that helps all of us remember how special his voice really is.
كليب ايمن الأعتر / يا العزيز / Ayman Al Aataar

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