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Download: Tamer Hosny 2014 Album 180 Degrees البوم تامر حسنى – 180 درجة 2014

The last summer album gets released. Tamer Hosny’s latest album titled 180 Degrees sees the date light and few days remain in the summer of 2014. The good news, the album is his first collaboration with Rotana and it’s huge marketing arm that reaches everywhere. Tamer had his best run with Free Music at the Mahrous household where he had a lot more hits. He is still able to make more music, like he did with Mazzika for few years, but the hits were not as frequent. Enters Rotana that snagged him earlier this year.

This is an album with exactly a dozen songs done in Tamer Hosny fashion. This is exciting, this is fresh and this is Tamer Hosny’s third album since 2011’s famous meltdown. He has already released a dozen singles since 2011, and has already starred in three TV dramas, and one film. Will he redeem himself? It does not matter, the guy is back with force and he refuses to take a backseat. He really invests in himself and tries to pay his way to fame.

He composed the music for few of the songs, Tamer likes to wear a number of hats. Some of the songs are his lyrics. He still finds clever ways to say “you are a pretty lady”. The thing about Tamer is pretty interesting no other artist has bigger fan base than he does, but also no other artists has bigger haters base than he does. His fans are by the millions, but his haters are not exactly quiet. They argue he manufactures this fan base and pays people to do stuff that makes him look like an idol.

Love him or hate him, he is back with force, and he is not going anywhere…this album is more Tamer Hosny than anything in the past. Rotana told him to do what it takes to bring out a good album–his last year’s album was pretty good to me. Please buy your copy, the original copy is the right way to go.


01. Mean Momken, music and lyrics the creations of Tamer Hosny
02. Dana Baba, music and lyrics the creations of Tamer Hosny
03. Kol Dah Ala Aieh, Smooth Amir Taimah wrote the lyrics and Sherif Bader composed
04. 180 Darga, Mohammad Atef’s lyrics and Ramy Gamal music
05. Zai Al Nile, music and lyrics the creations of Tamer Hosny
06. Al Ouada Etfakit, Sabir Kamal wrote the lyrics, music are the work of Sherif Bader
07. Nergaa Tani, Al sayd Ali’s lyrics and music of Ahmed Yosef
08. Welcome to the Life (feat. Akon), Tamer Hosny and Akon wrote the lyrcis, music by Tamer.
09. Etamini, Hesham Sadiq wrote the lyrics for Sherif Bader’s music
10. Fi Al Haiah, Ahmed Musa’s lyrics paired with music of Mohamad Abiyah
11. Matetghairy Baa, lyrics of Tamer Hosny and the music is the fruit of Ali Shabaan
12. Bahebek Bkol Al Lahagat, The hit song has been written by Tamer Hosny and Al Sayad Ali for the music of Ahmed Yousef

Welcome To The Life – Tamer Hosny FT Akon – Official Music Video HD

 ده انا بابا – تامر حسني / Da Ana Baba – Tamer Hosny

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I refuse 2 buy an album from any singer who is married to a women who supports Hitler. Bassma brother used to have a picture of Hitler on his facebook in October 2012. I complained to facebook about it, shortly after the picture got deleted from his album. I am NOT an Israeli but I am a human who is against the killing of any innocent people from any religion. I do not agree at all what the Israeli government does to the innocent Palestinian citizen, but, I also do not agree with what happened during world war 2 in Germany. Almost 80 years later, you find some uneducated youth who think it is ok to post pictures of mass murder dictators on their facebook. Tamer knew prior by marrying this Nazi women what type of family his wife comes from. I am deeply disappointed to see what kind of real life he lives by choosing a women as his wife and mother of his child who carries so much hate and insecurities in her heart. Everything in life has its limits and he crossed them long ago.

  2. soumaya says:

    Lol you are crazy why should he not marry her just cuz of her brother he married her not her brother wtf

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