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Published on August 17th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Watch Akon Singing in Arabic @Akon “Welcome to the Life” By @TamerHosny

Tamer released his last song where he sings along a global pop star. He teamed up with hit-maker Akon to show he has what it takes. It seems that  they did not film the music video in the same place. This is one giant party music video where lots of young women doing their thing on stage. Tamer looks showy here and he sings in English then breaks into a lame lyrics in Arabic

This guy who is a father for a girl has no problem being surrounded by women half his age dancing for him by the beach. I like the Arab drum bit. Not sure about the festival of color on the beach. Do not know where that was.

The surprise, Akon sings in Arabic–nice…..Growing up in Senegal this artist is familiar with Arabic. Sweet Tamer Hosny does not show here, Akon is the winner here and Tamer gets credit for teaming up with Akon.

 Welcome to the Life – Tamer Hosny FT Akon – official music video Hd

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3 Responses to Watch Akon Singing in Arabic @Akon “Welcome to the Life” By @TamerHosny

  1. Anonymous says:

    happy i found this blog seems to tell good news 🙂 my opinion on this is that it was nice to see Akon singing Arabic but i did not like tamer in it the singing was baaad especially the English and what i disliked more is that he takes us as idiots hes got fake views, comments and likes AND he got a stunt double to dance, anyone can clearly see this. This is low of him i do think he does not care about his fans this was made so he can become international which will never happen. I read that he is sueing Akon is this true would love your feedback

  2. Anonymous says:

    fake awiiiii comments wl likes klo fake

  3. Anonymous says:

    I do not like Akon at all. I once watched an interview where he said that he does not believe in faithfulness when in a relationship. In other words, he thinks its ok to cheat on your wife. I personally would never give such monkey acting character the time of the day, but it is disturbing that people with such low values are famous. MOney cant buy you class. He should return to Africa with his low class mentality. He is not a positive role model, but neither is Tamer. So no wonder two people with no values find each other making a duet!!!!!!

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