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Published on August 18th, 2014 | by hotarabic


Watch: My Arabic Farewell Duet ديو ماجد المهندس و رويدا عطية – الوداع

She is Syrian, and he is Iraqi, the song is Algerian, and then they cover it. A dramatic song gets a another lease on life thanks to this lively cover by two equally stunning singers who can sing and sing their lungs out. Rouida Attieh and Majid Al Monhndis know when they take these microphones to perform an oldie by the late Warda, they are attempting to swim upriver.

Watch the clip, and let me know what your thoughts are…..the farewell song, the title is about going away or living apart–many Arabs can relate to this song because they live away form home. No question, the music is perfect and maybe that’s because we grew up listening to the song on radio.

ديو ماجد المهندس و رويدا عطية – الوداع

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